Low cost inert substrates for growing bio film



Fine PVC substrate for fry

At Fishiding.com we specialize in turning reclaimed PVC into long term products for fish habitat, nutrient removal and producing fish food. The amazing factor in this process is as Green as it gets, with no additional manufacturing or carbon footprint associated with our processes.

Our material comes to us through a network of suppliers, environmentally aware of the desire to keep this material out of landfills and put to good use. In this growing world, we as stewards of nature, must continue to find practical ways to re-use these post consumer products. Protection for aquatic life and growing it’s food, simultaneously, year round. Read below to see how it works, by the leaders in this technology to see if you need:  Floating Islands International,Inc. to give you a hand with your water quality questions and needs.

PVC fish attractor

Fishiding Safehouse fish habitat

Trading Nutrients for Fish by Bruce Kania (courtesy of Pond Boss magazine www.pondboss.com)

Fish productivity is enhanced by surface area.  When biofilms accumulate on substrate, excess nutrients in the water are used up as the biofilm grows.  This in turn feeds the food chain, and leads to bigger and more numerous fish.  Catching these fish represents a great way to remove phosphorus permanently from water.  Please scroll to page 10 to view the article.  Pond Boss magazine is dedicated to managing private waters for fish productivity

Fishiding.com offers products for many different applications in a vast array of sizes. Pieces ranging from 1/4″ wide up to full panels reaching 10″-12″ in width and as long as 12 feet. Many different shapes and textures of substrates for fish habitat as well as unlimited varieties of installation options for hatchery and aquaculture use. It all comes down to providing the correct amount and enough of surface area to handle the load of each individual waterway or volume of bio film needed.

Safehouse,Stakeout and Cradle fish habitat

Varieties of Fishiding artificial fish habitat

By utilizing post consumer materials, the cost of these unique substrates runs far less than other manufactured products available. When sold in bulk shipments loose, these strands or limbs of textured PVC can cost pennies per square foot of surface area. Strands with or without holes are available to hang or tie groups of substrate sizes together.  Self contained and weighted, optional units come ready to bend to shape and toss in water, running slightly higher in price. Available pieces from stiff and rigid “sticks” to soft flexible strands in many colors, lengths and varieties.

Contact David to discuss your needs and receive a custom quote for your project. Shipped worldwide this new understanding of feeding your fish, creating habitat and purifying the water,  is gaining much deserved attention.

Stewardship starts with you, for future generations.

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