Tested, approved and installed by Fisheries Professionals across the nation.

Fish Habitat Products creating abstract, handmade housing
for all sizes of fish, bugs and tiniest of underwater creatures.


Gather help of all ages and set up a day of helping out the homeless....

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The easiest, tested and proven way to keep a large grouping of fish habitat products, forever together and heavily weighted to the lake floor.

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Creating a "roadway" of protective cover from the shallows, this important transition habitat is needed by virtually all species.

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Shallow habitat is the key to a balanced Eco-system. Fish move into shallow water to build beds, nests and spawning areas

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Fishiding artificial fish habitat new underwater refuge configuration

Flexible limbs of all sizes with massive surface areas, produce shade, food and a natural feeling of protection. All models self open or bend to shape by hand and include an incorporated and fully weighted base. No cables or chains to snag.

For well over a decade, we have studied fish preferences towards all types of safe plastics, natural and artificial materials, by scuba diving and observing actual fish use. PVC invites and enhances aquatic life better than any other plastic type found, heightened by the unlimited variation of substantially flat profiles. It most certainly excels in periphyton development, zooplankton and fish use. All Fishiding reclaimed habitat requires no additional parts, tools or supplies to install.

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    Choose from dozens of different and unique models, each specifically created for separate types of shallow mid depth and deep water fishes and their filmed, documented and noted preferences towards habitat. Individual models to stand alone or in groups, or choose from the heavily weighted habitat mats, loose build your own packages, or the newest Fishiding clusters set in barrels. Creating attraction and protection, food and resting areas for fish and fisherman to enjoy. Ask us to help you create a free custom design/plan to fit your needs.

    The proof is in the pictures. Fishiding.

    Custom made arrangements throughout our product line, available in single units of various size base/weights to fit virtually any conditions, even larger habitat barrels, as well as a myriad of sizes, types and applications for our numerous lines of habitat mats. If we don't have exactly what your fish need already on hand, we build customized houses for them, generally ready to ship within a week.

    customer reviews

    These four shallow Cradles work perfect under the shallow end of my dock. The bass spawn along my shore and i can see the fry hide inside. We ordered more and got another free mug, awesome company.

    - Larry Holmes

    We had our three kids ages 5,7 and 10 bend and install 6 of these for our dock. The kids had a blast and now have contests for who catches more fish on the habitat they bent and sank, what fun!

    - Sarah Hanson

    These habitats work even better than he says. We have a school of fish at our dock at all times only a few days after we put them in. Buy some!

    - Sara Jones

    Just what we needed to hold some fish around the seawall. David was great to work with and love the free mugs!

    - Kent Lonford

    i liked that i didnt need any tools or parts. bent them up and tossed right off our dock. kids and i catch tons of fish now without leaving in the boat to find a good spot. good stuff!

    - jerry lincoln

    Can't wait to get mine in the mail. I have been looking for a permanent,cost effective stake bed for years. I'm to old to do the work, now I just fish and play! Thanks.

    - Joe Smithson Ripley

    This box had a ton of material to make over 15 structures that the kids made in an hour, Perfect summer,winter and spring project to have ready to sink anywhere you want fish to hang out.

    - JT

    We have a very small pond but had nothing in it for the fish we stocked. This set worked great for our fish and the fishing. highly recommend david and his products!

    - Sally Nutter

    about us

    Fishiding Reclaimed Artificial Fish Habitat products, continue to lead the fisheries industry with innovative forms of strictly reclaimed PVC, creating artificial fish habitat since 2008. Habitat products creating abstract, handmade housing for all sizes of fish, bugs and tiniest of underwater creatures. Unparalleled density protecting fry, forage and game fish. Snag free limbs, pieces and design, self weighted base holds entire habitat units standing upright. Unfold, drop in and fish.

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    Each unit consists of a weighted PVC base, various lengths, types, widths and sizes of substantially flat PVC limbs. Limbs are shaped by hand to form intricate and realistic aquatic plant textures and crevices. Self opening models unwrap and get dropped directly in the lake. US Patents #8,640,651 and #10,602,725