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 PVC Reeds for fish habitat

This bundle of clean, brand new and flexible PVC Reeds, will add life-like movement to all of your fish habitat builds.

Crappie especially love these thin, whispy pieces, bent a few times and standing up vertical.

Manufactured originally for sheet goods, these PVC dividers are just what the fish love the most, providing un-matched, lifelike fish habitat detail.

Used in almost all of our fish habitat products, these colorful and versatile thin pieces of PVC fish cover will keep your fish close and happy.

Included is 15 pounds of artificial reeds, ranging in length from about 26" up to over 42" long. Stick them into your wet cement in all of your fish attractor projects. Each of the well over 250 pieces, can be left straight to move with current, or bent multiple times to create hiding spots for fry and zooplankton.

It only take a dozen or so per unit to bring the fine details of sunken brush, weeds and plants to your fish habitat builds. These commercial quality PVC reeds are perfect for making home made Crappie attractors and bass habitat with fish attractors. Just stick them into your next habitat build for good! Bamboo fish attractors work well, but these PVC artificial reeds work better and last forever! Snag free and colorful, this over stock of brand new products, benefit the fish and the cover you make for them by doing it yourself. Hundreds of individual PVC strands of life, await the chance to swim with your fish. Create fish cover that works for all fish, bugs and other aquatic creatures with PVC artificial reeds for fish habitat. Let us know how we can help you, help your fish and protect your investment. Most any sizes and amounts are readily available, up to 12' lengths.

Experiment with different sizes and mixtures of materials for best results.

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Artificial Fish Habitat Reeds

Reclaimed PVC Fish Habitat Structures

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