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With just one of these 65# boxes of our loose PVC fish habitat, an entire colony of cover can be made to your design and ideas.  Once again, this large group of PVC pieces contains all of the ready to go fish protection for your next fish habitat or fish attractor project.
Not as many individual pieces as the shallow multi mix box because of the mostly wider profile, these limbs begin to cast shade and create some customizable hunting and resting areas for all sizes of fish. Safe PVC fish structure, proven to be what fish prefer.

With a wider and intermediate size to the individual limbs, mid-sized fish and deeper water bugs will gravitate to these shaded areas of food and protection. Pieces a veraging between 24" and 48" tall and 2"-4" wide. This box contains and creates models like the  SafehousePalace, and the Barrels along with almost all of the mid and deep water models and Mats.


Versatile, variety of fish cover textures, densities, sizes and concealment for a multitude of fish. Fishing structures for fish hiding all season long in ponds, lakes rivers and reservoirs. 

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Using and average of about five pounds per unit, this kit will help you make a dozen to fifteen separate Fishiding habitat units.  Leave pieces as they come or bend them multiple times each, there is no wrong shape for the small or bigger fish.  As always, mix it up for the fish by making each unit unique and customized to your liking and fishing style.  You provide the cement, buckets, pails or blocks and the labor for the fish.

Artificial fish attractors and artificial fish habitats are a great way to increase the fishing success rate and attract fish! Our materials are sourced from reclaimed PVC pipe like  materials, sheets, stakes and mouldings which offer shelter for sportfish, as well as food sources such as insects, crustaceans, and minnows. This concentration of resources causes fish to gather around these structures, allowing anglers an easy opportunity to test their skills for a successful catch.

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Mid Depth DIY Fish Habitat Fish Attractor Kit

Reclaimed PVC Fish Habitat Structures

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