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We have finally come up with an easy way to divide and offer our popular shallow cover, in a fine and shallow mix of clean habitat material in bulk. When divided into bundles of  2-1/2 pounds  (25 sq. ft. each) the box will make 25 habitat units, 36" tall and 5'-6" diameter.

This mixture combines a minimum of 9 different cuts and profiles, the 65-pound box contains hundreds of separate pieces. Most of these new and dainty cuts, are only found in this fine combination mix, custom made for safety for swimming nearby and kids.

This heavy 65-pound box will make over 25 units for $13.00 each!

A super fishy mixture of 100% brand-new PVC, to attract any species of fish.  Totally swimmer soft for shallow freshwater, flexible fish habitat pieces to make your own custom pond or lake artificial fish cover. Always use common sense and caution when swimming around any cover or fish habitat, including swimmer soft materials. Although the pieces are thin, safe, flexible and limber, jumping or diving into the habitat and base containers should not be encouraged. Besides, that's where all the little guys are hiding out!  

This fish crib mix is specifically made for near, shoreline play areas. It contains no unwanted rigid, super tall or stiff limbs, no bulky pieces, branches or sharp members. This shallow depth and fine artificial habitat DIY project mix is ideal for dock areas along with wading/swimming areas. Always use caution when installing anything underwater around swimming or diving areas. Great for under docks,  out of the way.   

With many pieces standing over 36" tall, some are wider and thicker and others are narrow, thin and curly.

They all safely bend and flow like real plants underwater, filling up fast with aquatic life and periphyton fuzz. 

Ranging in width from 1/4" to over 2" wide, these fine and flexible pieces, harbor and protect all kinds of aquatic life.

Pieces can be left as they come or bent to shape with your fingers, some of both works great! All the material included will stand upright once submerged under water, the perfect balance of width, height and thickness comes to life, brings in fishery life and supports new aquatic life...literally!

A tested and proven mix of just the right amount of wider shady limbs, along with strands so fine that only baby bugs will fit between them.

Intended for slightly larger projects, this box will contain a minimum of 500 square feet of safe PVC, inert surface area. 

Colors will vary. The fine and shallow mix is also available in bulk by pallet, call to plan your delivery today!

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DIY Fine Swimmer Soft Fish Habitat

Reclaimed PVC Fish Habitat Structures

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