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Fish hiding artificial habitat products simply put, protect and grow more fish. Fishiding reclaimed artificial fish habitat products were the first all PVC plastic fish habitat products available on the market. A few types of fish attractors were the only  products available, made from a few pipes with no dense areas for fry protection and development. Fish Cribs or fish attractors as they have been known in the past, can hold a myriad of aquatic species and provide protection for the young. The use and acceptance of true artificial fish habitat from reclaimed PVC materials, has been growing exponentially. continues to lead the industry producing innovative forms of artificial habitat since 2008.  Variety, abstract density and unlimited design possibilities, continue to keep fish safe, healthy and stress free. Flexible limbs of all sizes, bending qualities and thickness, produce realistic shade, ample food and natural protection to fish.  From impenetrable shallow water fry/forage cover up to 15' tall spires of vertical habitat, all models bend to shape and/or drop in the lake directly out of the box with no needed tools or supplies.
Years of study, diving, pictures and video tell the story of what fish prefer and why. With a background in construction, architecture and landscape design, our decades of experience help us design a truly lifelike underwater landscape, proven to be what fish prefer. Building custom habitats for fish, as unique as mother nature. Artificial habitat products utilizing reclaimed pre and post consumer rigid PVC without manufacturing. Unlike standard recycling which requires breaking down to re-manufacture, by using reclaimed materials no additional plastics, chemicals or energy to produce are needed. By re-using existing unwanted materials in their original form, a multitude of advantages continue to emerge. Each individual habitat model is unique with no two units being exactly the same, creating unlimited textures and variety, closely mimicking nature and what fish prefer. Countless forms of clean rigid PVC vinyl from a multitude of industries, provide unlimited variation in thickness, weight, buoyancy, rigidity and shape, creating the intricate textures of a natural setting that fish need to thrive. Dozens of individual and unique models offer variety in size, texture, shape and densities, creating a protective multitude of Fish hiding locations.
Fish hiding habitat products are made from reclaimed rigid and substantially flat PVC Vinyl materials. Our patented process allows the re-use of this clean, safe and stable material without recycling. Handmade artificial fish habitat products, each individual habitat unit is unique as mother nature. Each unit consists of a rigid PVC base, various lengths, widths and sizes of substantially flat limbs. Models are bent by hand to form intricate and realistic aquatic plant textures and cover. Some self opening models, simply unwrap and get dropped directly in the lake. Fish hiding fish habitat units also provide wide, shade producing cover along with textured and weathered surfaces throughout, promoting periphyton and algae growth. All habitat units come with self standing incorporated weight and can be bent into the desired shape before being placed in the water by tossing overboard or “planting” on a dry lake bed.
Individual habitat models range in surface area from 10 sq.' to well over 500 sq. ' per unit. All materials consist of substantially flat and 100% reclaimed PVC materials along with cement. We have always been firm in using only reclaimed PVC materials destined for landfills, doing our part in helping the environment. We can't support the use and manufacture of new plastics for fish habitat structure. The unlimited degrees of texture, shape and flexibility, allow fish to escape and flourish within the realistic maze of smooth and snag free limbs, strands, along shade producing cover. No two units are exactly the same, just as mother nature intended.
Fish habitat structures should be placed in clusters of five or more to improve mass and effectiveness with limbs just touching adjacent units. Varying base weights and diameters ensure vertical stability. Each unit is hand made in the USA. lifespan of fish habitat structure: Long term, indefinitely if buried underground or underwater and kept unexposed to UV light and air. Direct sunlight for extended periods of time will warm and soften all plastics, including PVC. Keep all plastics and habitat out of direct sunlight and heat for extended periods. The only reclaimed artificial fish habitat with substantially flat limbs, creating textures and shapes as realistic as nature, providing long term and realistic fish habitat.



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