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A bag of cement, some donuts and a Saturday morning, is all you will need to build some long term fish habitat to improve the fishing near your favorite spot.

We continue to strive to offer the most cost effective DIY alternative for improving fish habitat. By offering loose reclaimed PVC pieces for artificial fish habitat,  the do it yourself folks  who want to save money and build fish cover themselves, now have unlimited options.

This 10"x 10"x 48" 50 pound box jammed full of material, can create from twelve to sixteen separate fish habitat units. That's under $15.00 per fish crib!


Each box contains over 275 square feet of life growing surface area, for shade and algae growth. 


PVC pieces ranging from 1/4" wide to 6" wide and from 16" tall all the way up to over 48". Far more variety than able to show, every box is different!

A mixture of most every profile and cut we produce in our various habitat models, from the shallow models up to mid depth, deep and transition cover too.



Use the materials to make into our existing fish crib models, or create your own design by adding numerous types of other materials.

Our PVC material can be cut with tin snips, razor knife or sturdy scissors to add even more custom, fishiding places.

A variety of mismatched colors, profiles,  and otherwise left over pieces from our various product lines.

Rigid and flimsy, wide and narrow. You will get a little of everything in this pack.

All the sorting, cleaning, cutting and grouping is done, you find the buckets or cinder blocks and mix the cement.

Perfect for groups and organizations with limited budgets and plenty of manpower.

All pieces are cleaned, cut and all potential snags, removed.

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Project Pack DIY Fish Habitat Kit

Reclaimed PVC Fish Habitat Structures

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