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We have been working on new ways to utilize all the brand new reclaimed PVC coming in and this one is another winner.

This package of simple but productive pre-cut pieces of heavy PVC, give you multiple ways to use them effectively for fish attractors.

Kit can make (3) 38"x38" fish cribs or (2) 72"x38" fish tree attractors/dock posts or one very tall PVC Crappie Tree or.............?

Fish attractor kit examples

Rigid, stiff but flexible, these outside v-shaped corner guards and commercial grade corner protectors offer countless fishy ideas.

With multiple ways to display this grouping of open spaced fish cover, ideas become endless with possibilities.

This brand new high quality American made PVC was originally made to protect our buildings and institutions.

Easy to see why protecting fish and the environment with these fish attactors are a perfect fit!

Homemede fish attractor kit

Durable PVC fish structure materials can be cut with tin snips. Nail, staple, screw or cement into virtually anything. Self taping stainless steel screws included.

Made from brand new commercial quality ,080" PVC corner guards and edge protectors. Edge banding PVC vines can be woven into the V-guards.

Screw onto dock posts, before or after water is added, will never rot or decay. Bush fish attractors and Crappie beds too. PVC fish trees are easy to make any size fish tree you want.

Use on wood or plastic pallets, barrels, deck/dock/raft posts, PVC pipe, hardwood log, 4x4 posts as trunk. Build it and they will come.

Fish attractor three pack kit

Pointed end can be driven directly into lake floor like a wood stake. Another option is to use a 2" PVC pipe as the tree trunk and screw these pieces onto it like a fish tree. Nail them onto your dock posts.

Hang right off dock directly into the water or suspend from cable. The ideas are endless to use as homemade fish structure for ponds. Cement them into fish barrels for fish cribs too.

Can make three fish attractors, two medium size fish structures, or one small on one tall as shown. Cribs fish and reclaimed PVC, what a perfect safe haven. Artificial fsh structure lasts forever, creating houses for the fish in your pond for future generations to enjoy. Lake and pond owners can keep the fsh close.

Lay on its side, stake in the lake floor, cement into a container or add a block and cable to dock post. Free shipping included.


Includes a minimum of and usually more:

(15)-Curled PVC Vines 1"x 38"

15)-2"x2"x 38" PVC V-Guards-3 w/points

(15)-3/4"x3/4"x 38" PVC V-Guards

(100)-#8 x 1/2" Self Taping 401 Stainless Steel Screws


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Homemade Fish Attractor Kit

Reclaimed PVC Fish Habitat Structures

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