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Modular Artificial Fish Habitat Mats

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Our Modular Habitat Mats and Legacy Lifetime Habitat Mats, provide the easiest, tested and proven way to keep a large grouping of fish habitat, fish trees, pallet fish structure and fish attractor products forever together and heavily weighted to the lake floor.  This patented display of reclaimed plastic pallet fish structure, have become a popular choice nationwide. Models of fish structure eight feet tall, three feet tall or fish habitats of any size you need. The Eco-friendly, reclaimed and all safe plastic Fishiding Habitat Mats, allow you to assemble and slide hundreds of pounds of habitat groupings into the water directly off docks, boats, barges and pontoons without the need of heavy equipment. Incorporated grated feet, rails and runners combine to offer unlimited weight disbursement in virtually any underwater terrain, never sliding, tipping or moving once installed.

Each fully patented Habitat Mat incorporates substantial weight, wide footprint and low center of mass, keeping the attached units and materials together and down on the lake floor for good. By increasing the habitat complexity, overall site density and by increasing the footprint, countless variations of pallet fish structure arrangements can be installed easily on most any bottom sediment type. Be sure that your fish habitat products stay where you put them on the lake floor, with absolute certainty. Our PVC structures for fish habitats are a must-have if you want to empower your aquatic life. Fishiding Fish Habitat Mats allow you to easily attach any natural or artificial fish habitat models in countless variety and positioning together in a group. Any type of artificial and natural pvc fish habitat materials can be permanently attached and installed as a cluster together on this pallet fish structure, without the need of additional tools, supplies or weighting. Man made fish habitat structures for all types of fish habitats. Contact us today if you're searching for a quality PVC fish structure.

The ease of delivery, staging and deployment all combine to allow the simple installation of large habitat pallet fish structure weighing hundreds of pounds, with ease and no special equipment. Our standard size Modular Mat comes 40"x 48"x 8" and weighs 235 pounds empty, before adding PVC materials, over 275# when complete. All Habitat Mats slide easily on flat, smooth surfaces like plastic, wood, metal or cement. Slots for forklift or pallet jacks are available on all four sides for easy transport to lake front, boat, barge or dock.

Legacy Lifetime Habitat Mats

For lighter weight requirements, ease of installation and to create your own custom designed habitat mat modules, you will want to take a look at our Legacy Habitat Mats. Unlike our larger, robust, stackable and heavier weight Modular Habitat Mats, The Legacy Lifetime Habitat Mat System is different in a number of important ways. Ranging from 12 to 25 pounds per completed Legacy Habitat Unit and about 60 pounds for the Legacy Mat itself, they are easy to handle in pieces and carry. Unable to be stacked and placed on all six sides like the larger modular mats, the Legacy system allows ultimate mobility.

By selecting the layout and density you want,  it gives you unlimited choice of how to create your own underwaterscape habitat design, unique and one of a kind, with unlimited options the others just can't. Capable of supporting hundreds of pounds, attaching additional habitat materials and other objects is a breeze, giving the fish all they need. wood, gravel, logs and brush can all be placed and fastened upon the Legacy Mats. Interchangeable layout and design, hand placed variety with tightly packed centers, the fully completed Legacy Fish Habitat Units drop directly into the compartments inside the weighted Legacy Habitat Mats, friction fitting and forming a large, low profile cluster of cover in the layout that you create. 


This newest concept was born from a vision to create an ultra dense, high quality, long lasting shallow habitat grouping, that will ride out both the storms of nature and mankind in shallower and deeper waters. The need to hold fast on steep slopes with heavy wave action, rising and falling water levels and massive fishing pressure justified the goal. Easy to carry, assemble and install, create intricate habitat variation that is proven to grow and protect more fish. Each Legacy Habitat Mat along with our hand made and fish proven Legacy Habitat Units, merge together to form a lasting bond of surface area, weight, complexity and stability. Leave a positive and fish friendly Legacy by creating habitat that will last for generations.


Each habitat unit comes in it's own black "stump like" base, which has long proven to allow fish to shoulder against one side and is preferred. Slide the assembled mats off your dock, install them from a small boat or wade them directly into the shallows. Mix up profile types and give the fish the infinite options they need to stay protected and survive. Once the heavy cluster of cover comes to rest upon the lake floor, you and the fish can count on it being there for good, handing down a Legacy of fine home building for the future of fisheries.


Current flows, dropping water levels and steep slopes create tough conditions to keep habitat products intact, upright and in place. Theft/destruction, wave action, boating pressure and fisherman all take a toll on fish habitat structures, both natural and artificial. The new Legacy Habitat Mats have individually created, interchangeable components that stay together and intact, creating a myriad of abstract variety of artificial fish habitat.


These densely packed reclaimed PVC habitat units, allow you to install multiple types and pieces together, forming a large and solid, stable, heavy habitat module that won't move or breakdown after install. Small enough for one person to install, large enough to stay in place forever.


Each Legacy Habitat Unit comes with a fully integrated cement base, shaped to fit into the corresponding shapes in the Legacy Habitat Mats.  Individual Legacy Habitat Units drop into place and friction fit into the compartments in the Legacy Habitat Mat where you decide. We recommend five Legacy Habitat Units per Legacy Mat, but you can mix and match any way you want, adding more Habitat Units per Legacy Mat as desired, up to nine.


Great for under docks, next to sea walls and around shallow flats in need of littoral zone cover.


The Legacy Habitat Mat system is the ultimate shallow or deep water cover with the density, variety and intricate detail to harbor and protect the smallest of important aquatic life. Utilizing exclusively, reclaimed plastic products and PVC materials for the benefit of the fish and environment, all Fishiding habitat products are hand cut, assembled and made in the USA with 100% reclaimed materials. No manufacturing. Call 815-693-0894 or email for details regarding shipping, multiple unit purchases and your specific needs. 



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