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Introducing our all-in-one Crappie bed/stake bed fish habitat pack, allowing you to create your own PVC Crappie structure that mimics the natural habitat Crappie seek out. With this comprehensive DIY pack, you can customize the size of your Crappie structure to suit your needs, and the fish. Designed to mimic natural habitat, these PVC structures provide an ideal environment for Crappie to thrive, encouraging their growth and attracting more fish to your fishing spot. Say goodbye to complicated setups, as our all-in-one pack has everything you need to assemble a durable and effective Crappie bed, including features that promote algae growth, a key element in Crappie habitat. Although these self standing stakes can be bent in any direction, for Crappie we recommend they stand tall with no bends.

This box will easily make at least two stake bed mats as shown below, or about 20 separate stake-bed units.

For years we looked at the best way to offer the right types and amounts of PVC material to make your own Crappie stake beds.

If you want just one or two specific types of stakes, let us know and we'll hook you up!

This 50 pound box holds well over 200 individual pieces of Un-used PVC, reclaimed for fish structure and fish habitat projects.

The picture above has about 90 stakes, creating the best of both concealment and maneuverability.

These stiff and mostly rigid PVC stakes, used in many of our current habitat models, average 45"-48" long.

Some a bit shorter and a few a little longer, but mostly about 4 feet. Free shipping included.

Where healthy, big fish make millions of healthy little fish. Habitat leads to real numbers, and numbers amount to opportunity.

The flexible but fairly rigid stakes, average about 3" wide and can be cemented into any type of containers or driven directly into the lake floor.

Use buckets, boxes, pallets or barrels to make your own large and robust stake bed clusters.

This box will easily make at least two stake bed mats as shown below, or about 20 separate stake-bed units.

If you don't have the time, we can make them for you, just drop us a note and we'll put together a plan. 

This assorted box of rigid PVC stakes can be mixed with all types of other DIY fish habitat materials.

Let us know if you're looking to make a bunch, we can offer shipping discounts, pallets and more!

Incorporate Crappie beds as fish structure into your next fish habitat project with unlimited variety.

Color, type, variety will vary, but you and the fish will be very happy!

We don't include and ship the habitat mat or plastic pallet shown.

Otherwise, you can find them locally on Marketplace or Craigslist.

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Crappie Stake Beds DIY Fish Habitat Twin Pack Kit

Reclaimed PVC Fish Habitat Structures

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