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Deep and Steep Terrain Fish Habitat

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Our tallest self contained HighRise fish tree fish habitat with Vertical UpRiseTM, is our industry changing artificial fish habitat that reaches to heights and conditions never before thought possible. Models ranging from eight feet tall with 110 square feet of surface, stepping up to our largest model at fifteen feet tall and over 250 square feet of fish holding surface area. Eight feet tall artificial fish habitat create fish structure for all fish species. Man made fish habitats and pallet fish structure, both combine to create fish habitat structures and fish cribs for a multitude of species.

Deep Water Keeper Fishing Done Right


Each HighRise fish tree fish habitat model is made with built in Vertical UpRiseTM, which for the first time, allow these magnum tall PVC fish habitat structures to be dropped in deep water or steep break lines to stand vertical without tipping over. The perfect balance of base and material weights, height with lift, have combined to achieve our goal to provide tall, large and stable fish habitat for deeper water that will stand tall through the test of time. Built in UpRiseTM buoyancy within the trunk, keep these spires of fish inhabiting skyscrapers, standing vertically up and down, or plumb in the water column. Our eight feet six inch tall fish habitat unit is a popular choice of man made, PVC fish habitat structures.

These magnum steep and deep water artificial fish habitat structures, stay in line with all of our and past and present models of reclaimed artificial fish habitat, requiring no tools, additional parts, ropes, cables or anchor weights. Open, unfold, assemble as sink in about ten minutes. Drop in and fish immediately.

Simply remove the two or three trunk pieces from the box, bend each section to shape and snap in the bait fish pucks. Twist together the trunk sections and drop the entire unit overboard.  When the unit is dropped overboard the weighted base prevails, sinking the fish habitat standing vertical and upright. The Vertical UpRiseTM takes over next, lifting the top of the unit northward like a tall standing building, solid yet forgiving with flexibility for wind, waves or current.  This combination of Vertical UpRiseTM, base weight/diameter along with actual unit weight, allow these tall towers of fish tree habitat, to stand vertical on sediment to steep rock. with no possibility of tipping over.

All pieces and components are snag free, adding together to create massive amounts of surface area. All models like in nature, come with an unlimited variety of textures, sizes and widths, with no two fishiding fish habitat cribs being exactly the same. Tall, wide limbs and long, skinny strands of everlasting PVC, make up the variety found in a natural environment that fish prefer. "A simple way of quantifying complexity on a structural basis would be to count the number of components and/or interactions within a system."  This tall and expansive fish habitat structure also works great in waters that fluctuate. If water level drops below the unit height, the unit will lay down as it drops, only to rise again fully vertical when water comes back up. Fish cribs that span the entire water column.


For really large fish habitats, we offer an ever growing number of large fish hideouts and fish habitat in barrels to offer. Starting with our large and heavy pallet fish habitat creating ultra stable, low profile fish structure for high traffic and steep sloped lake and pond habitat applications. These are fish cribs that hold an entire aquatic eco system of food, protection and life. 


For even larger groupings of these and more that won't ever be moved or tipped over, try our Modular Habitat Mats for fast currents and tidal flows, steep slopes and high traffic fishing pressure. The equally effective Fishiding in Barrels, offer something in between. Mixing up the types, textures, heights and styles of habitat has proven to be most effective at creating a fully balanced, robust and fish filled habitat area.

Our ten part underwater video series shows how fish interact with our products in real time video and time lapse photos, learn along with us here!


"The key component that up until now has always been missing in artificial fish attractors is the vertical dimension. These particular models address that in a way no other commercially available product does. The vertical dimension, an overlooked but important element that fish respond to. Congratulations on this new design."  ERIC ENGBRETSON UNDERWATER PHOTOGRAPHY



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