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Shallow fish habitat ready for install

Now you can create your own super dense and intricate fish habitats, with our famous thin and flexible strands of reclaimed PVC we call Cradle Hair. The beginning of the food chain starts here in shallow water, hiding, growing and breeding small fish fry and bugs within the protective crevices. Small fish hide in this intricate and protecting PVC fish structure, allowing proven fish structure for ponds. Create a safe haven for your Largemouth Bass, Crappie, btim and panfish. Grab a pound or two, set it into cement and watch the fish flourish within this proven pond fish habitat. Create your own artificial bush fish hide that actually works for the fish.

Used throughout our product line, these 1/4" wide strands of flat PVC, simply work great for the fish. All types of aquatic plants and bugs take refuge from any predator here, feeding one periphyton and algae the growth it supports. Hundreds of pictures and dozens of hours filming fish hiding in these shallow water homes for baby fish. With a thickness of onlt .040", this PVC fish habitat has been installed in hundreds of lakes, reservoirs,ponds and streams. Utilize this environmentally safe artificial fish cover in fishing barrels, stake beds, fish beds and fishing structures.

Fishiding shallow and fine fish habitat
Averaging 28" tall, these fish cribs get used by aquatic life just like natural grasses and weeds . Thousands of individual pieces flow and move with the currents and harbor the smallest of aquatic creatures. Just a pound or so poured into cement will create a large burst of protection, as seen in our pictures and videos. Keeper fish, barrelfish fish and bunker fish all utilize this dense and safe fish hiding spots.
jennings-finished-cradlesfish .habitats

Fishiding artificial fish cribs  and fish attractors offer a comprehensive selection of products designed to help you craft the perfect lake or pond habitat in any depth. With our artificial habitat solutions, your trophy sportfish can take advantage of ample ambush points, while fry and forage enjoy maximum protection in your fishery - so get ready to make those dream habitats come alive. Give us a call and we can explain the details of how to make the process of creating long term pond fish habitat a reality.

The full 20 pounds gives you enough material to add some to dozens of unique fish habitat units, adding the finest of cover available to compliment the other types of cuts involved. Colors, lengths, flexes and types will all vary, adding the variety the fish depend on to feel safe. 

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Fine PVC For DIY Fish Cribs, Fish Structures, Cover and Attractors

Reclaimed PVC Fish Habitat Structures

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