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If you're planning on building some fish habitat of any type using wet cement, consider this multi-purpose fish crib kit, which adds unlimited textures and variety to your plans. Everyone knows we are in the business of protecting the fish, this fish habitat pack goes a long way in that mission, helping to grow more healthy fish.

Hundreds of pieces from 1/4" to 5" wide that average 35" long can be divided into many individual habitat uses, including a dozen containers to pour in. The many pieces can be used alone or with other artificial or natural materials set into cement. The mixture of many different materials, sizes, types, flexes and densities, all provide a truly naturally abstract, artificial habitat. The protection fish and invertebrates need to flourish can be created in countless different ways. Entire fish crib pack ready to go with free shipping included!

Our hand-cut, flat PVC materials are exclusive to all of our fish habitat products and provide the ultimate in diverse underwater aquatic life protection. Large, wide surfaces excel in periphyton growth and cast unmatched shade. Flexible PVC can be shaped by hand or tossed in without any bending. Unmatched versatility inside a small box, custom fish cribs are made.

Spider Blocks, buckets, or our included containers come to life with a mixture of these three different types of clean, snag-less, unused PVC. Pour the pieces right into your wet cement and when dry they can be bent with your fingers or left to sway in the open water column. Pinch the material with your fingers to create a wild, snag-free fish cover. Box weighs 35 pounds total.

Fry and forage species need tight spaces to hide and grow. Fathead minnows need the flat underside of objects to lay their eggs on and this material provides just that.

With the thirty-five pounds of fish crib material, this DIY kit includes, we made twelve separate shallow fish habitat units. Totaling over 250 square feet of usable surface area, that's 22 square feet and 2.5 pounds of PVC each. Our twelve units covered an area over thirty feet long and ten feet wide. Each finished unit weighed about 9 pounds. With 12 in a box, that's just over $14.50 per habitat unit, shipping included!

This Multi-purpose artificial fish habitat kit will triple the important surface area of a dozen Spider Blocks, or make separate cribs  for pennies per square foot. Give the fish the density, shade, variety and protection, proven to reduce stress and increase overall fish production.

Order also includes 12 of our 8" diameter containers. You can always pour cement and use the material into your own cinder blocks or buckets. Try using the habitat along with other safety products for the fish, creating customized fish cribs with multi-material types in each habitat grouping.

The safe, snag-free material can be added to any existing projects or any fish habitat plans you have using cement. Mix different DIY habitat packs together, the fish like it all.

Twelve units will average 10-14 wide flat limbs per unit, 8-10 long flexible reeds and dozens of fine Cradle material strands. 

Larger amounts of flat material available in the 65# flat pack, or in larger bulk by request.

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Easy Dozen build your own Fish Crib kit

Reclaimed PVC Fish Habitat Structures

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