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This full 65 pound all flat pack contains between 300 and 500 pieces of brand new .040 flat PVC sheet stock, ranging from 2"-5" wide and 30"  to 36" tall. The total surface area equals over 600 square feet. Perfect for adding to wet cement when working with Spider blocks, bucket bushes, or any custom build-your-own habitat work. This 100% snag-free brand new PVC material is used in our Keepers, Palace, Multi-use packs and more.

Fishiding artificial fish habitat pieces are randomly hand cut with smooth, snag-free scalloped edges in varying lengths, all ready to place cement into blocks, buckets or plastic containers. This box will easily make 25 separate shallow units or accent even more. Try mixing brush, wood or random PVC pipes along with our flat pack limbs to add even more variation and aquatic complexity to your pond or lake fish cribs.  

With an average of 7-8 separate wide pieces per pound, the full 65 pounds equals over 600 square feet of surface area.

The more types of fish structure materials mixed together, the better for the fish. Mix with our other loose PVC materials if you need custom height and shaped artificial habitat for small or large fish species. With every inch these wide profile branches grow, the wider they get stance to keep them up, just like branches on a submerged tree. Super versatile, these pieces are great for any fish habitat, or PVC fish attractor project you're working on.

Different colors will vary and most all materials are reclaimed, new and unused. PVC grows periphyton readily, with this flat, leaf-like material as substrate, allowing sunlight to be received.  Acting as the framework for life to adhere, the almost weightlessness of PVC underwater, provides motion and keeps the material moving around as nature intended.

Muck pieces directly into the wet cement mix. Use bracing to hold pieces upright until the cement is cured. (a few days is best) Fold and crease the pieces in any and all directions. Multiple bends in various pieces add more realism and crevices for protection. Create cover or hiding spots inside and the bottom where nothing can get them, that's the goal here.

The flat limb material can now be folded and creased to shape by hand or left to suspend directly out of the container. The size of these pieces ensures that they will stand up and come to life once submerged with the built-in PVC  memory.

As simple as folding pieces of paper, pinch the crease to set the fold!

Mix and match all kinds of PVC and natural materials for maximum fishy variety and textures to improve fish habitat.

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Bulk PVC Fish Habitat, Wide, Flat and Flexible

Reclaimed PVC Fish Habitat Structures

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