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Here is a box of neat and ready pieces of all soft and flexible habitat limbs for any of your fish crib projects. Each box has about 150 pieces, ranging in size from about 24" long up to over 38" long. They vary in width greatly, some are 3/4"x3/4, up to 3'x3' V-limbs that cast shade for the fish to enjoy. These loose habitat pieces are already being used in many of our shallow and mid depth artificial fish habitats, lots in the StoutHouse and Fortress models especially. These ultra fishable and flexible safe haven for younger fish, require no bending or shaping.

Artificial fish habitat structures are best made from a variety of fish habitat types and sizes. We offer many different types of material to build your own fish attractors, fish cribs or just good and dense fish habitat. Most materials are more rigid in feel, standing vertical in the water column attracting fish.

This Flex material is special for the fish and the consumer. Originally made for health care facilities, these corner guards, base protectors, cove mouldings and bumper guards are made here in the USA. These brand new pieces of overstock inventory, would have ended up buried in a landfill. You can find these types of products and materials in any hospital, day care or nursing facility, public meeting venue, hotels etc. Nothing but the best protection for your fish investment. The beige and aqua-green pieces shown below are Fish Flex.


Stick these fish habitat pieces into any wet cement, just like all of our other all PVC materials. Another idea is to simply fasten the pieces to any other object you are sinking for fish structure. Nails, staples, screws all work fine and go easily through the soft and durable PVC fish limbs. Mostly V-shaped, this ultra versatile material is made for the long haul. This is made form that super tough rubber like PVC that is commonly used for cove molding around base board, outside corners and wet areas. Never recycled, always used in their original form, our reclaimed artificial fish habitat helps the environment, your budget and the fish. They are already included in a few of our build your own fish habitat kits. The shallow multi mix and the swimmer soft kits have some included. For the pond owner, lake front fisherman and DIY hobbyist who enjoys a hands on approach to fisheries management.

With each fifty pound box holding over 150 individual sticks of soft PVC, we recommend adding anywhere from 10-15 pieces per fish crib. More or less, depending on size, there is no wrong way, just ask the fish! Each piece only needs to be stuck into the cement a few inches, this stuff will not break or come out. It is made of the highest, most durable materials for our most important public facilities. These fish flex products protect facilities like courthouses, sporting arenas and hospitals in major worldwide cities from Quebec to Atlanta, Dubai to Boston and beyond. We credit companies like the Inpro Corporation for being willing and environmentally responsible leaders for helping us help the fish.

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FishFlex-Fish Crib Habitat Kit

Reclaimed PVC Fish Habitat Structures

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