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For the uninitiated, all artificial fish habitat may seem to be equally effective. This is not true. Fishiding habitats are superior to other structures because they offer more complexity, more surface area and a vertical dimension (height) that other models do not. These important elements may escape our eyes but are noticed by the fish. Fishiding effectively mimics natural elements fish are familiar with and provide homes for young-of-the-year fish and newly hatched fry. Fishiding provides small tight spaces fish require to hide from predators. Other artificial structures do not do this. They attract zero small fish and consequently do nothing to grow fish populations. If you don't understand how fish use habitat, you could easily be fooled into buying sub-standard structures that are ineffective and fail to live up to their claims. I've observed Fishiding structures underwater for almost a decade and they consistently provide cover for small fish and are used in association with spawning for many Centrarchids. Fishiding helps to grow fish, not simply concentrate them where they can be caught. For fish managers considering long-term habitat solutions, Fishiding is the most beneficial artificial fish habitat available.
Eric Engbretson

Hi. I have been a huge fan of your company for quite some time now.
It is amazing.
Louise Lo
Honolulu, Hawaii 

Thank you, and keep up the great work.
 "Remember, the real importance here is surface area. Surface area is defined by the total amount of material inches that are making contact with water. The greater the surface area of a structure, the greater amount of fish that the structure can support. Not only does this provide a physical environment, it also creates a micro-environment within the lake. Maximized surface area promotes the growth of beneficial algaes which attract and feed macroinvertebrates. Macroinvertebrates are a fundamental food source for baitfish, as well as a possible indicator species for good water quality."
Steven Bardin M.S. Texas Pro lake Management
"Of all the fish attractors on the market today, this particular model is the best. No other attractor provides the amount of shade, cover and complexity of the Fishiding High Rise model. These attractors provide legitimate structure."  Eric Engbretson
 "I've found that Fishiding structures are utilized eagerly by spawning largemouth bass. Nests are made adjacent to the structures and they provide protection for the nests and for newly hatched fry. Later in the year, these same structures attract YOY bluegills. They are especially effective in shallow water and are quickly colonized by young fish looking for protection. They work well in lakes where natural structure is at a premium."


completed-project-pack.jpg  build-your-own-smallstakes.jpg
I wanted to send you the pictures I took of the structure I made with your "build your own" structure materials.  I purchased one box of the small stake, and one box of the discount assorted.

The small stake package was great, I made a total of 23 structures.  I placed 6-7 stakes per structure, used one 80lb bag of concrete, and one 10 foot tube of black plastic, 4inch drain tile.  I think the materials, besides your box cost me under 9 bucks from the local big box store.  I have included a picture below.  Alone, they don't look like much but when you put that many together, wow, i could hang out there and be happy.

I really like the discount assorted box, it gave me an opportunity to be creative mixing different sizes and shapes.  I was able to make 11 different structures, of varying size and used 2 80lb bags of concrete, and one 8 inch yellow tube from the local big box store.  I still have enough vinyl to make 2 more structures, but I ran out of concrete.  All in all, I think I had maybe $11 in materials.

I'm looking forward to dropping these in once the ice is out, I know exactly where they are going to be placed.  Is it wrong not to tell the neighbors?  I figured these can be my little secret, and give me better fish stories to tell at the neighborhood gatherings!

I will keep sending you photos as the process proceeds.  Having seen the pictures online, and having made some myself........I think you have a great product.  I'm a little disappointed I didn't think of it myself.  Have a great season.
Jonathan Grandt, northern,Illinos
The Seneca Nation hosted a first of its kind "Allegany Reservoir Management 
Meeting". This was an idea presented to me by the Pennsylvania Fish and 
Boat Commission and we gladly jumped on board with them to host the 
The entities who attended that meeting were: Seneca Nation of Indians Fish & Wildlife Department, Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission, New York State Department of Environmental Conservation, US Forest Service, US Fish & Wildlife Service, Pennsylvania Conservancy and Army Corp of Engineers.
We went over our present and future habitat programs, Fish Studies and Surveys, Stocking Programs, Reservoir Issues (erosion and dam operations etc.) and funding/ grant opportunities. Our goal is to start working jointly 
on a number of these issues and data sharing. 

I gladly promoted your product with all of them and all of the persons 
involved seemed very interested (especially the Army Corp).
I am very excited about the product and look forward to placing them.
I personally think your product is a no brainer and hope to implement my habitat program in full very soon. 
 I think the product you offer is a great idea David. The watershed in my area is effected greatly by Army Corp dam operations, where in the winter months the draw down leaves the reservoir almost dry and baron (with the exception of the river channel itself). All natural habitat is exposed to the elements for months at a time, therefore expediting the erosion process. We have been using christmas trees for four years now for habitat but end up replacing them yearly due to decomposition. It's hard to expand the christmas tree project into more areas because of this reason (a limilted amount of trees to use yearly). Your product will last a lifetime and we can move them to different locations if necessary. These habitat structures combined with the christmas tree program will work great!! Recycling christmas trees and recycling materials to build your product (environmentally friendly)........ a win win in my book.
 We are forced to seek other methods to provide habitat for fish and wildlife to use. I am glad that we finally do have more options available to us. Providing adequate and long term habitat in lakes and reservoir's (with similar issues) is a monumental task. These waterways are in dire need of habitat and need to be better managed by all stakeholders.
Shane M Titus 

Seneca Nation of Indians 

Fisheries Manager 
Mon Valley Bassmasters Great products and a great company to work with! We will definitely be installing these again soon.
“My experience with David Ewald and fishiding.com was amazing to say the least. His passion for lakes and fish habitat was very evident from the beginning.  David and his crew are able to help turn your expectations and dreams into reality.  We are confident that between the artificial structures from fishiding.com, and the natural habitat we have in place, we will be able to grow and harvest many great fish for a very long time.  I highly recommend fishiding.com for your habitat needs.”  Chris Kelsay,owner

I could not be happier with the product. Initially when the habitats were
put into the tank with the fish they really didn't seem to react. But
within two or three days the bait fish were holding within a foot of the
I'm the New Mexico Bass Federation Nation chapter Conservation Officer and I head up the national "Habitat Team". I was putting together a presentation for our meeting at the BASSMASTERS Classic summit next month. I continue to be amazed at the content on this website. I'd like to give you guys and gals credit for your products and support of grass root efforts.
Earl Conway, NM CD
    I have a post up about your company at Activist Angler, www.activistangler.com
    PVC fish habitat is a great idea, and I am happy to promote it.

Robert Montgomery
Senior Writer, BASS Publications;
Senior Writer, Fishing Tackle Retailer;
Contributing Editor, Stratos Magazine;
Board of Directors, Recycled Fish;
Recipient of Homer Circle Fishing Communicator Award


Ryan McCaw has sent you a message.

Date: 11/15/2011

Subject: RE: fishiding

I got those the other day and am very impressed. I thought I understood the product from the website but can see it is much more flexible. I could see using a series of these to create points and dead fall type structures. I will be promoting these and hopefully be placing them in ponds. 



 Hey David,

Attached is a fish I caught right off the deep edge of the structure
you sent me...52 inch mama in September.  Caught a few more casting
the deep side of the structure layout...needless to say I am sold on
your products and I will be getting more in the spring.  I didn't get
to fish much in October and that is usually my favorite month (too
many work and kid things going on)  I am thinking your structures will
have the greatest benefit in early spring and late fall fishing
applications.  These are the times when weed growth is low and your
artificial products will offer bait fish a shelter...and attract our
bass, pike, and muskies!

What benefits if any have folks seen placing them for ice fishing?
Maybe even in deeper water for walleyes or crappies in the winter?  My
brain will be processing good spots to place structure...right now 25
yards off the end of my dock comes to mind so we can hammer sunfish
and bass with the kids.  Would that be cheating? Hahaha


Take care,


Legends Guide Service
Hunting, Fishing, and Outdoor Adventures



Teeg Stouffer has sent you a message.

Date: 9/20/2011

Subject: Awesome products

David, I picked up some of your products that were donated to Recycled Fish through Pond Boss and Josh Milczki this weekend. We're elated for the support, grateful, and impressed! 

Thanks so much, 

Teeg Stouffer




claudia's-pond in spring  

I am very pleased with  the habitats you sent me- they are all in place.

I will get more fish in the fall, and will be in touch then to get a few more structures.  

Regards, Claudia   Star Tannery, Virginia



Man holding caught bass largemouth bass caught in private pond

Hi David,

Caught this one last night on top of my new Fishiding structure.  Not bad for a Nebraska pond bass.


Aaron Graham







I placed four Fishiding structures in a farm pond yesterday. They definately were even better than I expected. My 80 something year old grandfather was impressed at the simplicity and utilitiy. Nice product,Clauser Environmental, LLC will be adding them to our toolbox for fisheries enhancements!  Aaron Clauser, Clauser Environmental LLC

Schuylkill Haven,Pa


Wanted to let you guys know how well the fishiding structures are working. We put the four keepers out in front of our raft, about 15 feet deep. The four Safehouse went in front of my neighbor's pier. We put all six of the cradles along our seawall in four feet of water. We now have the best place in the neighborhood for the kids to fish. We have two of our own and all their friends come and catch crappie, bass and panfish all weekend long. I can't feed them all summer! Thanks for making our time at the lake even more enjoyable watching our kids entertain their friends while fishing. Way better than Videos!!

                                                              Sue and Todd Christensen  Reading,PA


I purchased one Keeper, one Safehouse, and six Cradles. I installed the Keeper and Safehouse under opposite corners of my dock near the shore. I installed all six Cradles near the dock on a sloped portion of the shore. The Cradles are home to a ton of Shad. I cannot see the Keeper and Safehouse but we have caught a 3 pound bass and several smaller bass off the dock so far this year. My neighbors tell me that my dock looks like a parking lot for fishing boats during the week with most of them fishing for crappie. I want to add more cover in the deeper water between my cradles and the dock. Any suggestions?

Michael E. Carpenter, PE


My suggestion for some additional structure would be to blanket the deeper area with safehouse. Sounds like the conditions are ripe to bring in masses of fish, giving them enough food and shelter.The crappie will hold away from the shad between feeding, often suspending above the actual structure. Under front conditions, they will drop down and hold tighter in and around the actual units. The more shad you can hold will dictate the number of crappie/bass they will frequent the area. It's like a "free" community picnic, the more food available, the more fish will come to eat and stay longer as well. Hope this helps. David


"Excellent idea and it works. Keep me in the loop"

Wade Bales, Quality Lakes, Inc. Bluffton,SC


"We love the idea and feel it will work well for us. I know we like the compact size and built-in weight."

Phil Clayton, Wisconsin Lake and Pond Resource, LLC


"I think it's a good idea. The product will last underwater and could be pretty effective when used in the right waters, the right ways."

Bob Lusk, Fisheries Biologist,Editor Pond Boss Magazine

Owner, Texoma Hatchery Pond Management  Sadler,Texas


"I commend you for such an innovative idea in recycling and wish you much success."

Karl J. Lutz, Acting Chief,Lake section

P.A. Fish and boat commission


"It looks pretty reasonable from a functionallity perspective. I'd say it would be most effective in clusters."

Mike Robinson, Keystone Hatcheries Richmond, Illinois


"Interesting concept and appear to be cost effective compared to other plastic type products on the market."

Larry Damman, Fisheries Biologist WDNR

Spooner, Wisconsin