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This DIY artificial fish habitat Loose PVC material box, contains a multitude of our finest and super dense PVC materials to create a refuge of cover and habvitat for the smallest of fish, bugs and aquatic critters, all the while protecting your fry and forage food base. With over 65# of snag free, reclaimed PVC fish habitat pieces, this box will easily make a few dozen shallow water fishiding fish habitat units like the Cradle, Bunker, Fortress and other shallow models.


Hundreds of pieces, rigid and limber, each ranging on average from 1/4" to 2-1/2" wide and 12" to 36" tall, to create small fish habitat for shallow water areas.

Use your own cement and pails, blocks, buckets or pails to pour your own custom complexes. Add natural materials as well to create habitat containing the best of all types. 

Use this box with other sizes and textures and add your own materials you have around to customize even more.


Everything but cement and buckets are included. The all PVC pieces are cut, washed, snag free and ready to protect your fish and while they grow.

Averaging about $15.00 per unit when complete, this box creates well over 500 square feet of surface area combined.

Fishiding Fish Habitat offers anglers the perfect opportunity to elevate their fishing game. Our unique fish attractor structures mimic natural cover, making them a great lure for fish of all sizes and species lurking in shallow depth lake or pond. Not only do our textured PVC surfaces attract aquatic life with ease, but they also promote algae growth so your structure is more than just an attractive addition - it's like living habitat! Smaller fish become drawn to these thriving areas as food sources which can then provide larger sport catch for you once hooked on line!

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Shallow Multi Mix Kit DIY Fish Cover

Reclaimed PVC Fish Habitat Structures

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