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We have a fantastic new pvc fish feeder product that will feed your fish naturally on its own, never having to buy or add any feed pellets. Never. Ever. Forever.

Our new fry feeder system will change the way you think about feeding your ponds fish. Hang from your dock and watch them show up and grow up!

The proven science behind this idea, allows natural growing periphyton and algae to attach onto the PVC strips like a magnet.

Suspend these fish feeders under your boat dock, pier or boathouse. Fish habitat that works.

This mother's milk of nourishment, is what all small aquatic creatures graze upon, beginning of the food chain and fast development.

With this fuzz of food covering all the feeder surfaces, bugs, fry and predator fish will follow on this handout of the food chain.

Each PVC pipe angle bar holds (24) 1" wide PVC feeder strips that hang into the water column, creating fish cover and food. 

Attach to your existing dock or pier and watch the fish and bugs gravitate into the protective cover they provide.

Once submerged, the colorful strips create important surface area that naturally attracts all types of aquatic life.



By creating a food source for zooplankton, the fry and forage fish gravitate into the feeder for a meal while they hide.

This artificial fish cover is like a pvc pipe fish feeder that is always full.

The lifelike moving PVC strips flow with wave and current naturally, similar to aquatic plants, kelp and fine brush.

Artificial structures fish cover that is so tight and dense, predators can't get inside.

Never needs replacing, the strips continue to hold food throughout the year, as well as providing important fish cover.

Unlike other fish feeders, the fish fry feeder fills itself with natural food directly from the phosphorus and nitrogen suspended in your lake or pond water.

Each feeder bar holds 24-nine foot long reclaimed PVC strips that create food, cover and protection for small fish and bugs, that's 48 in a pair.

Made from reclaimed PVC plastic strips, the feeder system helps the fish and the environment utilizing existing materials destined for the landfill.

Attach the 24 strips onto each PVC bar with the included and self adhesive strip attached to the bar.

Run the included 250# mono leader through the pre drilled hole in the center of the PVC bar. Fasten with brass crimp supplied.

One, two, three or more feeder bars can be hung from the same mono leader, hanging as far into the water as needed, depending on water depth.

No snags or hang ups are possible with the smooth, flowing pieces that create the feeder system. Underwater video coming soon!

25" wide and 60" tall, each fish feeder bar creates a whopping 20 square feet of surface area, 40 sq. ft. in a set!

Protect the small fry, catch the big ones trying to eat them and have your own fish fry dinner. No limit of variety you can create with this fully customizable kit.

Multiple feeder units can be suspended from the same dock, the more food that is available, the more predator fish will come to feed on them.

Each fish fry feeder set comes with two PVC bars with adhesive strip and 48 nine foot long PVC strips to attach.

A 10' long piece of heavy 250# saltwater mono leader to hang from, with a double leader crimp for attaching around a dock pole or plank.

The PVC strips can be bent in all directions simply by pinching with your fingers. You can bend some, none or all of them at random, the fish will use it all.

Take a look at a short video clip here showing how easy they are to bend:

Feeder units can be combined in any number to create a string of food from the surface down to any depth, simply by stacking them down the leader length.

The fish are already using your dock for protection, now they can have the food they need and a place to call home at your place year around.

Sold in sets of two, each of which can be made into any combination of feeders you desire. Call for custom sizes or lengths, anything is possible!

When ordering three or more (three pairs) we included an extra 15' long leader for even deeper installations.


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PVC Pipe Fish Fry Feeder Two Pack

Reclaimed PVC Fish Habitat Structures

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