Loose PVC Materials To Build Fishiding Habitat



We also offer our patented loose, pre-cut vinyl that you can use to make your own fishiding artificial fish habitat structures, or add our material to your other habitat buckets, cinder blocks and Spider Blocks. Custom pieces in any size, shape, flexibility and dimension are available in any quantities you may desire. call or email to discuss how we can help you and your fish!


Our reclaimed PVC material comes cleaned, cut and ready for sinking, snag free and ready.

Fishiding habitat to build your own

100% reclaimed PVC materials that were destined for landfills, create long term habitat with infinite possibilities. Materials varying in densities, textures, sizes, heights, widths, thicknesses and weights, can be customized for each lake, pond, fish species and age class. 

loose cradle habitat material

You add the cement, sand, water and your own container to build your own custom fishiding fish habitat.  

Contact us for special needs or quantities. We stock tens of thousands of pounds of material in rolls, sheets and raw stock. Almost anything can be put on a pallet and shipped to your door for a long weekend of habitat building. Let us know, we can help!

Fishidng patented loose habitat materials

Our patented habitat materials are sold under a specific one time limited use, from seller Fishiding.com, to purchaser for own use to replicate habitat construction process. No other substantially flat plastic materials other than what is purchased directly from Fishiding.com website may be used without written consent and proper licensing from said company. Infringement will be fully prosecuted by law.