Loose PVC Material

 Scrap PVC for habitat   Muti facet fish habitat

We are now offering loose, pre-cut vinyl that you can use to make your own fishiding artificial fish habitat structures.

Our reclaimed PVC material comes cleaned, cut and ready for sinking.

Fish attractors with infinite possibilities. Density, texture, size, height, width and weight can be customized for each lake, pond, fish species and age class. Make sure to install a continuous line of habitat from shallow to deep water, don't forget the intermediate depths fish attractors.

You add the cement, sand, water and your own container to build your own custom fishiding fish habitat. Mix some fine textured limbs with the wide PVC limbs  to hold bait and predator fish. The 25 pound box provides plenty of material to make 8-10 units.

Contact us for special needs or quantities. We stock thousands of pounds of material in rolls, 12' pcs.sheets and raw stock. Almost anything can be put on a pallet and shipped to your door for a long weekend of habitat building. Let us know, we can help!