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Fishiding Oasis Modular mat habitat

The OasisTM Six Sided Fish Habitat Cage  system is just the beginning of our modular fish habitat complex construction. Building blocks of strength, providing safety that creates the ultimate modular fish habitat system for small fish protection and increased fish production. This structurally sound, well built and massive fish housing complex, can be stuffed full of intricate cover for the smallest of fry and forage to divide into private spaces, an Oasis from the danger outside the over 16 cubic feet of protected interior space. Fish habitat that really protects and grows more fish.

The 500 pounds is spread across 13 square feet, creating this super low center of gravity which ensures this sanctuary of safety stays upright, in one spot and forever down where it was installed. The fully completed Oasis fish attractor modular mat can filled with anything you desire, then it can be slid off a dock, boat deck, pontoon or barge easily with two simple boards.

Openings throughout  the complex to average about 1.5" square, allowing the little guys in and keeping the big fish out, providing true protection and production of smaller fry and forage forage species of all types. Multiple fork slots around entire complex, allow small fish a place to escape, once too large to fit back through the smaller grating. The six separate fish habitat Mats attach together with supplied heavy duty zip ties in minutes. Any combination of Mat configuration, weighting, layout or ideas are possible, just give us a call and we'll work with you, for your fish. (shown with models attached, not included)

Our remarkable fish habitat products ensure lasting enjoyment for both fish and fishermen. Whether you have a pond, fishery, or any water body, our products are engineered to remain steadfast, creating a thriving environment at any water depth. These artificial habitats provide innovative fish habitat structures that offer a reliable shelter and abundant food source, supporting diverse species of fish. Experience the benefits of our products as they enhance the fish population.

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The Oasis Six Sided Artificial Fish Habitat Cage

Fish Habitat Mats

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