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The Cradle shallow fry and forage fish habitat,  has been protecting fry for over ten years from coast to coast. As one of our three original shallow habitat models, these compact and dense habitat units, protects young life of numerous forms in their most vulnerable life stage. Fine, soft strands of clean PVC grow food for these young creatures to graze upon in safety.  Superior density provides proven protection of the smallest aquatic creatures.   

When the bait or forage fish are big enough, they venture out and transition to the deeper mid depth habitat, to begin to hunt for larger food source on their own. When they mature, these same fish will return to the area to spawn, allowing the next generation of fry to utilize the protective Cradle cover. To create a balanced aquatic ecosystem and have the food base/forage be self sustaining, young fish must be able to hide long enough to grow to the preferred size for you predator fish. Proven. Tested. Filmed fish use.
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Groups of this intricate and abstract fish structure, start the food chain and give the small fish places to hide. In order to grow big fish, you need to grow a whole lot of smaller fish for them to get fat on. Use the Cradle model to replace lost vegetation like Eel grass, fine wood and other lost natural habitat, which is essential to hide and protect the youngest of aquatic critters. Protects year round, after the weeds die off. Standing 28"-32"tall, these Cradle fish habitat units are recommended for depths of about 2-6 feet, each ten pound habitat unit averages 30 square feet of surface area to grow important periphyton/algae for food. When open, the Cradle creates an dense bush standing 30" tall and over a 50" diameter. It reacts like artificial eel grass, swaying in the current driven by wind, water flow or other fish and animals.

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We want those pan fish about 3"-5" before Mr. Bass gets hold of them for a good meal. A Bass needs ten pounds of forage fish to gain one pound in body weight. Growing more food in the shallows, is key to growing big, healthy predator fish like Bass, Catfish, Walleye and more.

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Cradle artificial shallow fry habitat

Reclaimed PVC Fish Habitat Structures

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