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This dense and protective shallow water artificial fish cover, has all the textures and dense fish habitat limbs to protect the fry and forage base, without the premium cost to be snag free. Hundreds of fine, flexible fish attractor pieces that excell in growing food that small fish need to grow. Snags, slots, grooves and hangups, abound in this non fishable material for a un-matched safe haven for your fish. Bend the pieces to any shape or angle you want, just like in Nature, variation is king, repetition gets eliminated.Grow more forage and keep them happy by giving them a home, others will not come in. Never changes and will always be there foreach hatch of fish for decades to come. Science professional rely on the ability to re-use and disinfect in between harvests. Get your fish a safe haven of briar bush fish habitat today!

The main difference of these fish habitat cribs are the numerous holes and potential snags, the material in these units contain. The Briar model comes standard in a round 8 inch diameter container, weighing about 8 pounds each, with over 30 square feet of surface area per fish crib habitat unit. These fish habitat units stand over 30" tall and open to over 4 feet wide each. Thefish love them and don't care a bit about the snags. In fact, no fishing means better protection for the small fish that hide inside. These fish cribs keep the Mr. big, bad, bass outside. Pre consumer cut offs, edges, nail fins abound inthe most cost eddective cut of PVC fish structure.
Perfect for growing fry in the two to four foot depths, where no fishing is taking place to get snagged in the material. Great for fish hatcheries, scientific studies and aquaculture work. Put them under your dock, behind the boat lift or near shore, out of the way of castinghooks. These fish cribs are for the fish to be protected like a rabbit in a briar bush, safety found in nature and Dense cover, found only in Fish Hiding products. 
Kelsay Habitat at Dusk

All kinds of aquatic life gravitate to this lair of dense cover, feeding on the bio film and algae that grows in the countless crevices. Made entirely from reclaimed PVC strips removed from the same fish holding material in all of our other models. The fish we can guarantee, take refuge with pride in the privacy in this thorn bush of a fish crib. A custom home with a view!

Install in a group to keep predators away from your fishery, including birds and wildlife. Under five minutes each to shape and drop in. Each unit weighs eight pounds and opens up to over a five foot diameter.

Ready to bend to shape and sink in the self weighted container.  It's just plastic, but some edges can be sharp from being cut off. Light gloves are a good idea.

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Briar Bush Artificial Fish Habitat

Reclaimed PVC Fish Habitat Structures

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