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Our newly improved Fish Bunker mid depth fish attractor, transition depth, reclaimed PVC fish crib model, now has a lot more cover, limbs, variety and added self contained weight. The original model has been protecting fish for well over a decade, now even larger, taller and better to protect your fishery investment.     We doubled the weight to accommodate larger fish and stand tall, surface area and even added a wider and more prominent weighted base.  Years of experimenting, diving observations and adjustments have created a preferred and realistic combination of textures, stiffness and sizing for young fish to thrive within in a more vertical presentation. A needed addition to a diversified and natural appearing underwater landscape, with all the hiding and hunting spaces nature provides. More weight and a wider base, the newly improved Bunker model uses the additional surface area, to create even more variety and protection for different types of fish. Crappie especially love this man made cover.

This Bunker fish artificial fish habitat offers a variety of textures and profiles, allowing smaller fish to begin to navigate deeper into the littoral zone while providing food and protection. With the addition of some wider limbs, increased shade and a double-weighted base, each habitat unit now weighs 20 pounds. Dense enough to hide from predators, but open enough to begin to hunt for themselves naturally hidden, young of the year fish will flourish inside the dense protection. Dense and tightly packed habitat centers are the key to growing both healthy predators and prey. This almost completely snag free materials, allows lures to bump off flexible limbs.

Similar to reeds, cat tails and similar aquatic vegetation, the Bunker fish crib allows passage from shallow spawning beds and dense fine cover along the shoreline, into the transition zones of 3'-8' of water depth where they begin to hunt, feed and protect themselves to maturity. Now with two different incorporated bases, a larger and more stable footprint helps this vertical fish crib, tower to success, withstanding the elements, currents and wave action even better than before. Preferred installation in water depths of 4'-8', this intricate and dense reclaimed fish habitat unit, connects the most shallow spawning areas where fry are hatched, out to deeper water models commonly installed in depths from5' to over 20'. Dozens of separate limbs with varying widths and stiffness, taper from a trunk section up to dozens of fine 1/4" strands of cover, with 1" wide foliage. Like any landscape above or below the waterline, variety is the key and this fish cover has in all.


The transition zone between spawning areas and deep water is where the fish can often need the most protection. This is where they may spend a year or more, growing into an adult predator or forage fish. If the fish can't hide, they will be eaten before growing big enough to reproduce, or at least big enough for a good meal for another fish. Give those young fish a chance to grow up and learn how to survive, by seeking refuge in this underwater protective Bunkerfish. Proven success again with this model, fish gravitate to it's somewhat open vertical presentation.

Standing over 52" tall and opening to over 65" wide, individual u-shaped channels extend upwards until reaching a narrow cut, leaving strips of vinyl material moving like fine branches. When three are installed in a group, they cover an area over 12'x12', allowing the limbs to be touching. Bursts of fine strands soar outwards, creating basement level cover off the lake floor. Bunker fish hide in these time tested and fish approved fish hide. Fish structure for ponds has never been better. Fishing cribs and homemade fish structure for ponds saves you money by growing your own fish food on the surfaces.

This awesome artificial fish cover has been combined in a 10 diameter base with a taller, 8' diameter base that has been extended upwards, to create a hollow cavern amongst the mass of limbs and rising higher off the lake floor. The taller base adds more weight and ensures the fish will have this important dark, stump like object to protect them, even when soft bottom allows for settling when deployed or set in dry lakebed. Extremely stable and bottom weighted, this is a proven addition to your lake underwater fish habitat landscape.

Our studies have shown for many years, that the dark PVC base in all of the Fishiding fish crib habitats, is an important and integral part of what fish prefer throughout the year. Like a hardwood stump, this base warms with the dark appearance, provides bedding fish protection from any side, which is combined with limbs 6" to 12" off the bottom hanging out over them. This underwater landscape setting can be used for protection and hiding of all fish species, looking to rest, hunt or simply hang out in safety.

Total weight of unit averages 22 pounds, with over 65  sq. ft. of surface area per unit. Bends to shape by hand in a matter of minutes, then toss into the lake. The heavily weighted base, keeps the fish attracting limbs, standing upright and in place forever. Fine strands hang and sway in the current. 

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The Bunker Transition Fish Habitat

Reclaimed PVC Fish Habitat Structures

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