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From the very beginning over fifteen years ago, the original keeper fish crib model, has helped increase viable fish habitat Nationwide. Originally standing 48" tall, then just over 60" tall, thousands of this popular fish habitat units have been installed coast to coast. Now standing even a foot taller, these fish attractor PVC fish structure units stand over 72 inches tall, opening to over eleven feet in diameter. Included with each fish habitat or sometimes called a fish crib, the new built in Vertical UpRiseTM* has been incorporated to ensure vertical placement on any under water terrain and fishing pressure.

Working well in depths from the transition zone out, these open limbed but tightly packed center cores, allow some small fish inside to hide and plenty of room for predators to roam.  Maximum shade and protection is abundant throughout this eco-friendly artificial fish habitat structure, exclusively made with un-used and reclaimed PVC materials. With limbs standing a full 72" tall, these 1/2" to 5" wide surfaces grow algae and aquatic life quickly. Textured and weathered PVC habitat surfaces, promotes rapid periphyton and algae growth. Bend to any shape by hand and toss into the water, with no tools or additional supplies needed. Average shaping/folding time is 5 minutes or less! Far better than any silly ugly tree habitat made of a few PVC pipes and a bucket of cement.


keeper-fish habitat tree


Each keeper fish habitat unit weighs about 35 pounds and is recommended for depths over 8 feet. This large and shade producing fish attractor and man made fish cover, provides fish habitat protection for all sizes of fish including larger fish species.  Bass, crappie and pan fish, utilize the shading effects this proven model creates.  Each reclaimed artificial fish habitat unit, arrives self weighted and ready to bend to shape and toss in the lake. The 10" diameter black "stump" base, holds the fish crib upright, creating the basement level of cover shading the perimeter. Over 125 square feet surface area in each fish crib unit.

Large predator fish need large scale fish habitat to feed and hide around to hunt. This artificial fish cover not only covers large sections of the lake bottom, but equally large surface areas to support new life. The food chain begins in shallow water and then comes here, to the transition and deeper water for food and rest. Algae and periphyton adheres to the textured surfaces throughout and begins to grow quickly in all waters. Snags are no issue with the forgiving movement of our reclaimed PVC limbs. There are no holes, fasteners or places to get hung up and snagged. The incorporated Vertical UpRise allows the fish structure unit to stand vertically, even on under water steep slopes.
One of our three original models, thousands of these fish holding fish cribs are growing life all over the country with continued success.  The larger area of cover you provide to your fishery, the larger number of fish can use it at one time. We recommend at least three to five artificial fish structures of any type be used in a group, although seven to ten can hold dozens of large fish and forage fish. Experiment with varieties and layouts to offer the fish the most variety. PVC structure designs that the fish have shown us they prefer. From reservoir fish habitat to pond fish structure and small fish habitat including fish attracting devices, the Keeper holds fish everywhere. Here's the link to a short clip opened up in a breeze.

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Keeper Artificial Fish Habitat Tree

Reclaimed PVC Fish Habitat Structures

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