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The Three Sided Modular Fish Habitat Mat Complex from Fishiding Reclaimed Artificial Fish Habitat is a perfect way to combine weight, height, fastening options and three dimensional shapes to your habitat plans. A-Frames, T-Shapes, Zip-Zag Lines  and more can be fastened together and slid into the water as one large habitat complex, or built easily on a dry lake bed. Materials and models can be fastened both vertically and horizontally, inside on top or around this combined habitat framework. Order with all three fish habitat Mats weighing 235# each, or just one, with the others having any combination of weight incorporated for your needs. Low center of balance is achieved easily by keeping the center of mass at the bottom, ensuring stability once resting on the lake floor. Specifically weighted to work as a group in your selected configuration. (shown with Bunker/Cradle attached, not included) Call or email for more details and custom weighting options.

Our easy to install fish habitat products are designed to offer long-lasting enjoyment for generations of fish and fishermen alike. Create a thriving underwater pond environment and ensure high quality protection of fish species. Experience the perfect blend of convenience and sustainability as you witness your aquatic habitat grow.

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Three Sided Modular Fish Habitat Mat Complex

Fish Habitat Mats

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