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Uniquely shaped, proven and unlike any others, this artificial fish habitat model makes an awesome addition to the multitude of textures  shown in our other mid depth fish crib. More wide material than fine, this mid sized pond structure, transition depth  fish crib, holds the medium sized fish in your system like royalty. Not as many total pieces as some of our other fish attractor models, the Palace fish structure displays more wide limbs, creating shade and diversity with maximum surface area for the size. This extra open space, allows larger fish species to navigate through the cover more easily to rest or feed. A unique combination of many of our most popular profiles and cuts. 

New additional PVC plastic material types, allow an even more diverse and textured appearance to protect the fish. 50" tall and opening to over eight feet wide, The Palace is no tiny tree. Increase your chances of catching more fish with PVC structures designed to resist bending, featuring self-opening strands, flat stock, and self-standing pieces that mimic the natural flow of aquatic plants in freshwater. These weightless PVC structures are neutrally suspended in the water, providing fish with their preferred habitat. Each unit is unique, allowing fish to choose their housing based on their preferences. These structures not only enhance fish production in lakes or ponds, but also aid in fish passage. They are suitable for various species of fish and are available in a variety of shapes to cater to their diverse needs. 

The black PVC stump-like base, surrounded by hundreds of fine strands, congregate fry and forage species seeking protection. A combination of many different cuts, lengths and limb sizes, create a mixture of hiding spots, each ranging from 1/8" to over 6" in width. This popular mid depth/transitional sized habitat unit, stands over four feet tall and opens to over eight feet wide.
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The Palace artificial habitat boasts dozens of individual limbs, ranging in both thickness, width and flexibilities, all fish will be proud to call home. When fully opened, a burst of cover explodes underwater to begin growing food and aquatic life. The textured PVC plastic surfaces create the perfect substrate to grow periphyton by converting excessive nutrients from the water into food. 

With over 50 sq. ft surface area each unit. Wide, flat pieces rise once underwater, with defined memory. Bend to shape by hand and toss in water. Self weighted, sinks itself and always stands upright. No tools or additional parts required to assemble and install. Self weighted 10" diameter base. Each individual fish habitat unit weighs approximately 24 pounds. 


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The Palace Ultimate Fish Habitat

Reclaimed PVC Fish Habitat Structures

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