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This five pack of mid depth and transition sized essential fish habitat units, will take care of your fish with a good sized protective area around your lakefront dock or fishing spots. Creating a multitude of densities and flexibilities for the smallest of fish and bugs. Truly realistic fish cover that protects and increases your fishery carrying capacity. 
A great mixture of short and fine piecs, limbs and stalks, tall and wide pieces for all types of aquatic creatures to thrive inside. This mixture of textures atrracts fish of all sizes for different reasoons. The smallest of the pond, like the shallow, warm water. They need tightly packed and dense cover to hide inside. The eat the fuzz thatgrows on the PVC habitat pieces called Peripyton. This is the mother's milk for the young in all waters.
Starting with two original Cradle in the shallow 3'-5' range, these bursts of cover protect the fry like nothing else . With literally hundreds of super thin and narrow hairs, these burst of fine cover protect the smallest of bugs and fish fry. Largemouth bass fry utilize these right off the bed, so good to put some around the gravel spawing shallows. Next the self opening Fortress fish habitat, allows those same little fish, hiding and resting areas with slightly larger spacing. They still graze on the fuzz, but now are eating bugs and other small fry. Fish structure needs to offer many different options of size and textures combined.
These young fish are curious and want to explore. Without the proper concealment, they will be fish food in no time. Install these and all fish habitat close enough to touch each other. This gives forage fish a little hiding as they explore. Lastly, the two Safehouse  fishtrees do their job  by offering wide limbs and resting spots with ample shade. This model fish crib has been protecting the panfish to maturity since the beginning, providing a home for these up and comers as they feed and grow to adulthood. With less but wider limbs, this model was one of the first three we began with over fifteen years ago, tens of thousands installed currently housing more fish.
 This five pack creates a fantastic grouping of cover to protect multiple hundreds of tiny fish. Mix them up and run shallow to deep, allowing the fish to progress deeper as they mature.

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Shallow Transition Fish Habitat Combo Five Pack

Reclaimed PVC Fish Habitat Structures

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