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BassGrass Habitat Mat by

The BassGrass  Modular Fish Habitat Mat  combines five different cuts of pre consumer PVC of various thickness, lengths, widths and flexes into a 40"x48" Fishiding Habitat Mat. Averaging about 275 pounds, this entirely  snag free fish attractor called the Shallow Water fish Habitat Mat, opens to eight feet by seven feet, once submerged, standing at least 48" tall. Over 350 sq. ft. surface area each modular habitat mat with room for additional units/materials to attach if wanted. Pallet fish structures in a lush package of pvc fish structure designs that the fish prefer. Dense and realistic artificial fish habitat, keeping small fish safe and big fish healthy.

Our fish habitat products, designed with ease and easy to install, ensuring enjoyment for both fish and fishermen. Our habitat units are specifically crafted to create optimal conditions for fish, allowing them to thrive and grow. Constructed from top-quality material, our products promote the growth and development of aquatic life to reclaim and enhance aquatic spaces of any size.

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The BassGrass Modular Fish Habitat Mat

Fish Habitat Mats

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