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Lake Fish Strucutre

Currently out of this material and model, waiting to find more unwanted stock, heading for the landfill.....stay tuned!

This unique fish crib concept from Fishiding is here with the Fishadow. This moving, flowing, and vertically standing wall of fish cover comes to life underwater. Standing 60 inches tall and spanning 50 inches wide, the 80 or more 2"-4" wide fingers wave with life and current. Made from thin and durable reclaimed PVC placed vertically, gravity holds no grip on the realistic "kelp like" limbs waving softly in the wave and current action.

What sets this particular model and action apart is its unique display of the pieces on edge, arranged vertically. This feature, combined with the precise thickness and cuts, allows the pieces to sway in the water like aquatic plant leaves, creating an illusion of weightlessness and freedom. These fishery structures, designed as fish attractors, serve as ideal habitats for various types of fish, catering to the needs of many species and promoting healthy fish populations. The larger fish are drawn to these specially designed fish structures, which provide essential shelter and refuge. From fish structures that cater to the needs of many species to those designed to attract larger fish, these aquatic habitats play a crucial role in supporting fish populations and promoting biodiversity in aquatic ecosystems.

Once dropped in, the limbs relax and flow back and forth, creating massive surface area and infinite and ever-changing Fishiding spaces. From large outside edges to tiny crevices, this fish crib unit protects underwater creatures from seeing through the cover. Dense in the center with room for fry and panfish to hide.


Flexible enough to change shape with the flash of a tail, opening space up within, for predators to feed. Unable to see through the shadows, each unit creates a barrier of view, a wall to hide behind and inside.

Weighing under 19 pounds each, these FishShadow models require nothing but water. No bending or primping on this model, open the box and drop in lake. The incorporated Vertical UpRise TM* ensures guaranteed vertical stability on any underwater terrain or physical forces trying to tip unit over. It simply can't fall over, even if run into by fisherman or being dropped on super steep slopes with rocks, rubble or boulders. 85 square feet total surface area per unit. 

Recommended for depths over 8 feet, this fish habitat is designed with the secondary break line in mind. With spacing utilized by mature forage fish, placing in water from 6 to 10 feet along a break, will attract predator fish. The flexibility in this model allows baits to glide through as fish pounce from the darkness to investigate. All components securely fastened with integrated cemented base, no tools or weights needed for installation. Limited quantities due to material availability. Order now!

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The Fishadow Fish Habitat with Vertical Uprise 2 pack

Reclaimed PVC Fish Habitat Structures

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