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Inspired by a tireless man with a vision to help improve habitat in his lake. These kid friendly and swimmer safe shallow water fish structures, have been reviewed and approved by the Waynoka  lake advisory board in Brown County Ohio, their insurance carrier and the fish! Made from only the finest thin and whispy PVC sheets, the fish love to hide with the bugs inside the protection and cover they offer.

All Fish hiding fish habitat and fish attractor materials ship free!

This four-pack of ready-to-install fish cover, will create a myriad of aquatic life, supporting fish of all different types and sizes. The picture below shows the progress of a client making his own with the loose materials 25 pack to build your own fish habitat. His work is as good as any we've seen, thanks Brian!

This fish habitat offers a sustainable and environmentally-friendly solution for enhancing aquatic ecosystems and is the perfect setup of both attraction and protection. Made from reclaimed PVC, these proven and time-tested habitat structures, ensure the safety of all aquatic wildlife while enhancing reproduction.

Each of the four units of our fish habitat for shallow water bundle, contains over 25 square feet of surface area to grow important "fuzz" which attracts all the other aquatic creatures. No stiff pieces, only soft and limber cuts that move and sway in the waves like plants and aquatic weeds. Perfect to install under your dock, allowing the kids to fish right over the edges and hook up! Each unit weighs about 8 pounds. PVC fish habitat is a safe and proven tool for needed long term fish cover and structure fishing and development.

Arriving in one box, the four units require little to no preparation to install. Although they can go in the lake right out of the box as shown in the picture above, some primping and bending in random spots creates even more intricate texture and cover. Some may say it looks like an ugly little tree, but we think they are as natural as Mother Nature herself.

Fine and soft habitat

Once open, the 60" diameter of each unit could form a line 20 feet long by five feet wide, perfect for under and around your dock and boat areas. Mix up the layout of your habitat build and installation. Place some in clusters of maybe 3-5 fish cribs each. Then put some in lines, paying close attention to where you stand and cast to fish. Scatter some of these with other fish cover you may have available. If more cover is needed, order numerous boxes or try the build your own 25 pack. No tools or needed supplies. Each fish habitat bush takes less than 5 minutes to bend to any abstract shape. We usually will pre bend at least one on your first order, to help show you what we have learned about shaping them. 

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Swim Soft Fish Habitat 4-pack

Reclaimed PVC Fish Habitat Structures

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