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This Legacy Lifetime Shallow Water Fish Habitat Mat has plenty of fish holding protection and surface area. This pair of habitat mats will fully cover an area over 16 feet long by 7 feet wide, with limbs standing from about 24" tall up to pieces standing just over 48".

This Legacy Mat twin pack system will get your shallow fish habitat plans off to an incredible start by creating massive housing for the fish. Just drop the corresponding habitat unit into the spot and step down to friction fit for good. The tapered compartments holdfast the shape of poured base cement, creating a lasting, wedge into place bond.

Averaging about 36"x 43", these two HDPE reclaimed mats weigh 60 pounds each, with nine separate fish habitat compartments. Virgin materials excel in this application, quality, strength and durability not found in recycled blends. Open grated design allows water to pass when sinking. Additional materials can be added and fastened onto this structurally sound, fully patented artificial fish habitat device. 

Pieces of PVC are  easily bent by hand to create wild and abstract shapes that fish have proven to prefer. Put five in each mat or change them up. Any combination up to nine units can be installed into one mat. You decide how to place and design the fishes new homes in your lake or pond. Create the food, big fish will come to eat.

Leave some limbs straight and bend some each way, the fish like variety and there is no wrong way. 

(6) compartments are rounded and (3) compartments are square in each mat for a total of (9)possible fish Legacy Habitat Unit placement locations.

Each individual Legacy Habitat Unit weighs an average of 12 pounds, with over 40 square feet of surface area per unit. 

Standing up to 48" tall, pieces ranging from 1/4" wide to 4" wide create a limitless three dimensional maze of underwater refuge.

Handmade, unique and each unit always different from the next, each cluster of cover creates safe, long term habitat for countless bugs and fish.

Your kit includes:(4) 42" tall, wide profile Legacy Leaf Habitat units. (3) 45" tall Legacy Stick Habitat Clusters and (3) 45" Legacy Grass Habitat units for a total of ten Legacy Habitat Units.

The (4) Leafs all have rounded bases. (see mat picture)

The (3) Sticks and (3) Grass Legacy habitat Units each have (2) round and (1) square base for six total. (see mat picture)

Once opened, each Legacy Habitat Mat grouping covers and area better than 6' x 7' x 4' tall. These low profile weighted mats, will increase the dense littoral zone cover which is needed most importantly to harbor small fish and bugs. Shade, security and surfaces full of food harbor the young and grow the food web.

Call or email for special material profile requests, model preferences/mat placement or customized fish habitat models at minimal or no additional cost.  ( Additional Legacy mats and Habitat Units available for $75 each when ordering two or more sets)

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Legacy Lifetime Shallow Fish Habitat Structures Mat Twin Pack

Fish Habitat Mats

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