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Get both of our finest material and ultra dense shallow habitat models with (2) two of the original Cradle and two of the self-opening  Ultra Fine  Cradle in one box. Hundreds of fine PVC strands, comfort and protect the smallest forage fish and fry. Massive surface area creates an entire shallow refuge for your fry and forage fish species. Unmatched dense, intricate and fine strands of PVC, protect your investment in fish reproduction. Nothing else compares to this shallow water cover, proven over a decade of success from coast to coast.
The ultra fine cradle material is even finer than the original. Both models have hundreds of 1/4" wide .040 thick strands pf PVC hair. The ultra fine model has a mixture to include even thinner material as well. .015 thick PVC edge banding as been repurposed into this ultra whispy and self opening made of  artificial fish habitat. We now even pre=bend these foryou,just pull the twist tie and drop in for an instant fish crib for the little guys.
Each fish habitat structures weighs about 10 pounds and comes in an 8" diameter cement base. Bend the pieces by the handfull to any abstarct shapes and pinch with bare fingers to set desired shape. The patented self weighted base holds the mini fish tree in place, steadfast to the lake or pond floor. In shallow water you can even wade in and step them into the sediment, or plant them like a safe haven of PVC structure for the small fish to grow.

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Cradle Shallow Forage Fish Habitat Variety 4 pack

Reclaimed PVC Fish Habitat Structures

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