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Fishiding Modular Habitat Mat

 Modular Fish  Habitat Mats for fastening habitat models and materials:

One Blank Modular Fish Habitat Mat  is the fish habitat modular material anchoring platform to attach both Fishiding artificial fish habitat and any other type of fish habitat products  upon, to hold them all together in a heavily weighted group. This 235 pound all HDPE fish habitat mat measuring 40 inches by 48 inches and 8" thick, supports up to five thousand pounds of fish habitat materials, spreading the weight evenly upon the lake floor. By massively reducing any potential settling into the lake floor sediment, there is no overall fish habitat vertical height loss. No more missing cover from current, theft or storms. Fasten any loose fish habitat products and materials both natural and artificial, mixing them together  to form a refuge that fish can call home. Hundreds of openings allow unlimited design options, with fastening points throughout all sides of the mat. Stack two, three, four or more together, creating true habitat complexes for the fish. Easy to customize to accommodate your fish habitat layout designs and specific fish needs. Free Shipping Included, Bulk Pricing Available, Call for more information 815-693-0894

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One Blank Weighted Modular Fish Habitat Mat

Fish Habitat Mats

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