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Crappie Crib Habitat Mat

The Stalker Fish Habitat Mat is built into the same 4048 standard Habitat Mat and weighs in at 275 pounds complete. Standing over eight and a half feet tall, with hundreds of different height and sized snag free stalks, this pallet fish structure excels in all dimensions. Create the perfect dual web of both open, outside edges and intricate, inside protection. Crappie especially, can't stay off this  Ultra Deep Water Habitat Mat, a massive combined vertical presentation of feeding areas and hiding places. Once delivered, this ultra tall, whispy and wild  Habitat Mat simply gets slid right into the water, nothing else to do but throw away the shrink wrap and get your rods. Pieces ranging in height from approx. 46" to 110" tall and 1/4" to over 7" wide.  Underwater, the weightless environment allows even the individual finer stalks to stand up and free flow with current, fishing pressure and the fish themselves. Over 350 sq. ft. surface area each, with room for additional units/materials. These magnum tall units can be made any way you want by adding any additional material cuts you feel will help the fish in your waters.  Large scale modular artificial fish habitat that has proven how well it works as fish habitat, fish cover and fish attractors. Fish hiding in these fish habitat structures will grow large and creat the perfect fish hide.

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The Stalker Modular Fish Habitat Mat

Fish Habitat Mats

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