Shallow Barrel Fish Crib 3 Pack

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We have created another super dense housing complex for smaller fish. Weighing over 150 pounds each, these bursting fish habitats will stand the test of time, even when left on the ice. They come ultra stable, heavy and robust. Fish cribs that can hold hundreds of forage fish and aquatic bugs. By creating dense and complex artificial fish habitat or fish tree on a gigantic scale, these PVC fish attractors get planted for life. Barrel-fish habitat is what fish have shown they prefer as shelter when available.

Equal to multiple fish habitat units in one, the variety of materials prevails in fry protection, starting the food chain right. Each fish attractor barrel can not tip, slide or move on the lake or pond floor. Massive, proven and complex PVC fish habitat, they have members that extend in all directions, forming unique and customized housing for all species of fish. 

Hundreds of feet of surface area per fish habitat unit, creating unrivaled periphyton growth, while feeding the smallest forms of aquatic life. Each Shallow fish habitat barrels stands tall and wide to span an area over seven feet wide. They can be dropped in the lake off a boat, set in place on a dry lake bed or dug in like a bush for extreme conditions and current flows. Homes for the fish to thrive, grow larger and feed. New house for the homeless, a welcome artificial fish crib for all species to enjoy!

These new shallow-water fish habitat barrels hold a myriad of hand selected cuts of reclaimed PVC, creating an entire refuge of protection inside. Weighing just over 150 pounds, each complete fish crib stands 48" tall and opens to over a seven foot diameter. They can be rolled on edge, slid on the ground or moved with a simple two wheel dolly. They always stand upright, no goofing up here!

The barrel fish attractor base is 20" in diameter and stands almost 8" tall, full of strong cement, almost 48" tall complete.

The reclaimed fish habitat barrels offer a sturdy and durable container that can be rolled on edge with ease and slid, rolled or pushed into the water.

 Two included cotton rope handles, allow user to slide, lift or pull them off the dock or boat once in position. 

For extreme current applications, the entire fish habitat barrel can be dug in and planted like a briar bush, never to move from it's original position.

Hundreds of individually positioned pieces are placed in layers. opening up to an entire community of life hiding underwater protection.

Coming three on a pallet, these barrel fish cribs get shipped right to your door, ready to be unfolded and HOUSE FISH THE DAY THEY ARRIVE.

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  • 5
    Looks real

    Posted by Hank Jones on 25th Oct 2021

    This habitat looks real in and out of the water. If you believe fish like bushes, trees and underwater plants, this is it. I have a ton of different types of cover in my lake, nothing has bait and all sizes of different fish on it like these barrels. Great product!

  • 5
    We got the first three!

    Posted by The Hanson Family on 20th Sep 2021

    We are so excited to improve the fishing at home around our new shallow barrels. David said we were going to catch a lot of panfish and he was right!. We put them under our dock so we can fish both sides and it's a fish zoo out there. Fish jumping, kids laughing and back to the bait shop for more worms. Thanks again for all your help!