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This all new deluxe model of our original SafeHouse fish attractor, will increase surface area and stability in your mid depth and transition fish habitat plans. Weighing an additional ten pounds more than the original, the double layered lower section holds more material with it's increased 10" base diameter, weighing a full 25 pounds. The dense center section will lure the smallest of bugs, fry and smaller fish, while offering the safety these teenagers need as they venture deeper.

Standing four and a half feet tall, this newest addition to our mid depth arsenal, contains lower end security with the 2" wide flexible PVC guards. Set inside a double base, the increased weight and larger overall diameter, allows for an even taller Safehouse unit than the original.

Same cuts and profiles as before, now even more protection on the lower end for the "basement" protection fish have shown us they want. Bend to shape in any direction, you can leave some limbs tall and bend some short, the fish needs all the variety we can offer. Great for added texture and protection as fish move freely from shallows to mid and deep fish habitat depths.

Consisting of dozens separate limbs ranging in width from roughly 1.5" to 4" wide and from about 30" to 54" tall.  With an average of over 60 square feet of surface area each, they provide plenty of surfaces for algae, periphyton and shade. Fish attractors that fish choose to use as home.

Recommended for depths of about 6' to 12', the 100% reclaimed PVC limbs provide an green solution to replenishing important artificial fish habitat.

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Safehouse Deluxe Mid Depth Fish Habitat/Fish Attractor

Reclaimed PVC Fish Habitat Structures

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