• Sheets of new pvc coming in for habitat
  • Flat pvc for habitat projects by Fishiding.com
  • Between 75-100 individual limbs, a full 10 pounds and over 85 square feet of surface area.
  • Use just a few with other pieces, or 8-10 for a full mid depth unit of protective snag free cover.

PVC 10# flat pack


Product Description

This pack contains between 70 and 80 pieces of brand new .040 flat pvc sheet stock, ranging from 2"-5" wide and 30"  to 36" tall. The total surface area equals over 90 square feet. Perfect for adding to wet cement when working with Spider blocks, bucket bushes, or any custom DIY  habitat work.

Pieces are randomly hand cut with smooth, snag free scalloped edges in varying lengths, all ready to cement into blocks, buckets or plastic containers. Will easily make 6-8 shallow units or accent even more when mixing brush, wood, pipes and our Flat pack limbs.


With an average of 7-8 pieces per pound, the full ten pounds equals over 90 square feet of surface area and will make at least five super dense, shallow habitat units.

Use along with any other materials being installed like spider blocks, by simply sliding pieces into the wet cement.

The more types of materials together the better for the fish. Mix with other loose pvc materials for custom height and shaped habitat.

Colors will vary and all material is recaimed new and un-used. Grows periphyton like nothing else, taking up sunlight with this flat material.

Add about ten to twelve pieces per habitat unit, poured into cinder blocks or marine safe containers at least 8" in diameter, with cement.

The .040 thick material can be bent and creased to shape by hand, or left to hang and suspend directly from the container. As simple as folding pieces of paper!

Mix and match all kinds of pvc and natural materials for maximum fishy variety and textures.


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