Modular Fish Habitat Mats

New for 2019, Modular Fish Habitat Mats!                                                     

Fishiding Stalker Habitat Mat Fishiding Boardroom Habitat Mat

 BassGrass Habitat Mat by Fishiding.com Fishiding Patent Pending Habitat Mats

Our all new modular Habitat Mats, provide the easiest, tested and proven way to keep a large grouping of fish habitat units and products forever together and heavily weighted to the lake floor. The Eco-friendly and all plastic Fishiding Habitat Mats, allow you to assemble and slide hundreds of pounds of habitat groupings into the water directly off docks, boats, barges and pontoons without the need of heavy equipment. Incorporated grated feet, rails and runners combine to offer unlimited weight disbursement in virtually any underwater terrain, never sliding, tipping or moving once installed.

Fishiding Modular Habitat Mat Fishiding Crappie Crib Mat 

Be sure that your fish habitat products stay where you put them on the lake floor, with absolute certainty. Fishiding Habitat Mats allow you to easily attach any of our artificial habitat models in countless variety and positioning together in a group. Any type of artificial and natural habitat materials can be permanently attached and installed as a cluster together, without the need of additional tools, supplies or additional weighting. Super heavy zip ties and stainless steel rings ensure that all the habitat products stay intact forever.


 Fishidng Modular Habitat Mats Fishiding Modular Habitat Mat  Crappie Crib Habitat Mat

Each patent pending Habitat Mat incorporates substantial weight, wide footprint and low center of mass, keeping the attached units and materials together and down on the lake floor for good. By increasing the habitat complexity, overall site density and by increasing the footprint, countless variations of module arrangements can be installed easily on most any bottom sediment type. 

Fishiding Habitat  Modular Mats by Fishiding.com   Safehouse on Habitat Mat by Fishiding.com

The ease of delivery, staging and deployment all combine to allow the simple installation of large habitat modules weighing hundreds of pounds, with ease and no special equipment. Our standard size Mat comes 40"x 48"x 8" and weighs 225 pounds empty. All Habitat Mats slide easily on flat, smooth surfaces like plastic, wood, metal or cement. Slots for forklift or pallet jacks are available on all four sides for easy transport to lake front, boat, barge or dock.

Habitat Mat Delivery with Fishiding Habitat Models  Habitat Mat Staging 

Multiple Mats can be linked together to form continuous lines of habitat in any shape or configuration. Habitat Mats can be made to order with additional, or even less weight than the standard 225# standard size. Specific material types, sizes and densities are easy to achieve with this new concept in modular habitat design and installation. Customized Habitat Mats can be ordered in an array of sizes up to 6'x 8' and larger when needed. Easy to slide off a boat or construction of modules for dry lake bed installation in two and three dimensions, stories and directions.

Plastic habitat models, wood, brush and rock can all be attached and held fast on the lake floor in a grouping that won't move once deployed. Fishiding Habitat Mats are built super strong and sturdy, able to hold thousands of pounds each. 

 Three dimensional Habitat Mat  Fishiding.com Habitat Mats

Just like working and playing with underwater building blocks, our structurally sound Habitat Mats can be connected and/or installed on their tops, bottoms, any sides, edges or even corners. Three dimensional shapes with unlimited configuration options, create a permanent, heavily weighted framework for habitat product anchoring. Typically attached together with standard heavy duty zip ties, any long lasting rope, cable or banding you may select will work as well. Fabrication for customization is easy with the durable HDPE Habitat Mat Framework.  Grouping kits of three to six Habitat Mats or more, are each weighted specifically for the selected framework shape to keep weight mass centered low. Full surround, six sided fry protection with escape ports, full of life growing surface area, assembled and deployed in just minutes.

  Fishiding Modular Habitat Mats   Fishidng Modular Mats for Fish Habitat

The Mat underside spreads out the weight evenly, keeping the grouping from settling, leaning or shifting apart. Open and perfectly spaced grating with unlimited fastening points on all sides, allows easy and adaptable attachment of any habitat types or materials.

The included heavy duty 200#zip ties and stainless steel rings, hold any Fishiding habitat models that you select, upon/onto and/or inside the Mat for good.


 HighRiseTM on Habitat Mat by Fishiding.com Fishiding Habitat Mat Connection  Point View Resort Habitat Mats


Habitat Mat unit attachment      Habitat Mat


Along with our standard 225# 4048 empty Habitat Mat, we are currently offering three poured and completed Habitat Mat models in the same size and weight with our Fishiding materials already incorporated directly into the Mat, just unwrap and slide in. You can even add additional habitat units and materials to the same Mat, creating even more fishy protection, by simply attaching with zip ties!


The BassGrassTM  Habitat Mat combines five different cuts of pre consumer PVC of various thickness, lengths, widths and flexes into a 4048 Stable Mat. Averaging about 230 pounds, this 42" tall, snag freeShallow Water Habitat Mat, opens to eight feet by seven feet, once submerged. Over 350 sq, ft. surface area each with room for additional units/materials.

The BoardRoomTM Habitat Mat is an entire 4048 Habitat Mat filled with wide profile PVC board like limbs in semi rigid, but bendable planks. This intermediate sized and spaced lounging area is off limits to any deemed less important. The Boardroom is for the important up and comers, larger fish feeding heavily wherever they can find a good meal. Each snag free PVC board is hand cut from around 3" to 6" wide and between six and seven feet tall. They each have a textured wood grain finish, vary in size and thickness, height and angles, creating a wall of upright cover which won't ever fall down. This maze of vertical cover allows the mid depth fishery to prosper within the safe and protective, vertical standing planks. Each plank can also be bent by hand to abstract angles and shapes if desired, or left standing straight up and installed just as it's delivered. Averaging 225 pounds, this Mid Depth Habitat Mat unit can cover about a seven feet by seven feet square if left unbent, or bent open to over a twelve feet square, cluster of cover. Over 350 sq. ft. surface area with room for additional units/materials. ( Ask about the built in backup, allowing entire Mat to glide backwards upon install, putting itself back under your feet, dock or pier as it comes to rest.)

The StalkerTM  Habitat Mat is built into the same 4048 standard Habitat Mat and weighs in at 230 pounds complete. Standing over eight and a half feet tall, with hundreds of different height and sized snag free stalks. Create the perfect dual web of both open, outside edges and intricate, inside protection. Crappie especially, can't stay off this  Ultra Deep Water Habitat Mat, a massive combined vertical presentation of feeding areas and hiding places. Once delivered, this ultra tall, whispy and wild Habitat Mat simply gets slid right into the water, nothing else to do but throw away the shrink wrap and get your rods. Pieces ranging in height from approx. 46" to 110' tall and 1/4" to 2.5" wide.  Underwater, the weightless environment allows even the individual finer stalks to stand up and free flow with current, fishing pressure and the fish themselves. Over 350 sq. ft. surface area each, with room for additional units/materials.


More details coming soon. Onsite installation videos, model specifications, pricing, other available sizes, options and much, much more!

Call 815-693-0894 or email sales@fishiding.com for pre spring pricing and details regarding shipping, bulk purchases and your specific needs.




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