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This new 15 foot tall HighRise Fish Tree Habitat with Vertical UpRise is the pinnacle of tall, magnum sized artificial fish habitat products. 


This magnificent artificial fish tree habitat, designed for aquatic environments such as ponds or lakes, is an impressive giant standing at a full 15' tall and weighing 50 pounds when fully assembled by hand. It consists of three sections, and also includes three bait fish habitat pucks, each containing over 26 square feet of fine, dense cover along the black, snag-proof trunk. This habitat is specifically designed to meet the diverse needs of freshwater fish species, providing ample shelter and cover for many types of fish. By enhancing fish populations and creating optimal conditions for fish to thrive, this artificial fish tree habitat can help anglers catch more fish and contribute to the overall health of aquatic ecosystems.

The total square footage of this Pillar of the community is over 165 square feet. Opening up to a 9-6" diameter of limbs at the base, this towering fish tree of cover, offers shelter and food all along the 10 foot long trunk. Bursting in all directions with various sized limbs and branches, it flexes with the wave action, truly PVC fish habitat that comes to life!

The base stands 60" tall with a sizing array of our vinyl limbs to be bent by hand, or left to sprawl in the lower basement level of the massive protection this section provides. One bait fish puck gets popped into the top of this first section of trunk. The center section boasts two more pucks and another five feet of height. The 5 foot tall top section gets twisted onto that and the whole unit will stand up alone. All the connections take place right at chest level, easy to reach and hold the light weight top sections. Put the fish tree together either standing up or laying down. Just start to twist together from top to mid to lower section, working your way down. Push it in the drink and watch the bubbles disappear, mark it! PVC fish structure that works for the fish.

As always, the textured vinyl material grows life fast. The ability to move with the current created by wind, waves etc., allow this new dimension of deep and steep artificial habitat to flex like a tree in the wind. It is impossible for this habitat tree fish attractor unit to fall over, standing tall in the water no matter what slope or material composition they come to rest upon with Vertical UpRiseTM. Toss them off the boat or barge, then watch them stand tall on your electronics, full of fish!

Because of the sheer size of this towering tree, we recommend pre-bending on shore. Bend all the sections to shape, there is no wrong way here. The more variety you add to the cover, the more life it can sustain. Throw them in the boat and pull the string upon arrival at your designated spot and watch the vinyl limbs spring back to the shape you bent them to on shore. Pop in the pucks here or ahead of time, twist the three sections together and push overboard. The upper sections are light-weight and easy to hold up and twist together. No tools or additional supplies needed, just some effort for the fish.

If your water level ever drops below the top four or five feet of any HighRise Habitat with Vertical UpRise there is no need to worry. If placed on a slope, the unit will lay down in the water as it drops, only to rise again when the water comes back up. A true laydown that will "re-grow" itself when waters rise again. Perfect for reservoirs and floating boat houses that fluctuate water levels often. Weighs 50 pounds

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Fifteen foot fish tree with Vertical UpRise

Reclaimed PVC Fish Habitat Structures

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