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  • Bunker full of life
  • Top view Bunker artificial fish habitat by Fishiding.com
  • Bass cruising Bunker
  • Transisition habitat by Fishiding.com
  • Bass hunting around forage in the Bunker.
  • Bench of bunker habitat by Fishiding.com
  • Bunker three pack transition habitat
  • Bunker habitat by Fishiding.com
  • artificial bunker habitat by fishiding.com
  • Pinch u shaped limbs to remove twist tie
  • Let fine limbs hang and bends u shaped limb tips at various angles.
  • Bunker habitat display.

The Bunker transisition fish habitat


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Fishiding Bunker three pack

Years of experimenting, diving observations and adjustments have created a preferred and realistic combination of textures, stiffness and sizing for young fish to thrive within. A needed addition to a diversified and natural appearing underwater landscape, with all the hiding and hunting spaces nature provides.

fishiding-Bunker habitat

This Bunker artificial habitat offers a variety of textures and profiles, allowing smaller fish to begin to navigate deeper into the littoral zone while providing food and protection. Each habitat unit weighs 10 pounds. Dense enough to hide from predators, but open enough to begin to hunt for themselves naturally hidden, young of the year fish will flourish inside the dense protection. Tough habitat to fish is the key to growing more healthy predators and prey, although completely snag free material allows baits to bump off flexible limbs, allowing quarry to pouch up from the cover to snatch a meal.

Similar to aquatic vegetation, the Bunker allows passage from shallow spawning beds and dense fine cover along the shoreline, into the transition zones of 3'-8' of water depth where they begin to hunt, feed and protect themselves to maturity.

bunker-on bench

Preferred installation in water depths of 3'-8', this habitat unit connects the most shallow spawning areas where fry are hatched, out to deeper water Safehouse, Keeper and HighRiseTM models commonly installed in depths from 5' to over 20'. Dozens of separate limbs with varying widths and stiffness, taper from a rigid trunk section up to dozens of fine 1/4" strands of cover with 1" wide foliage. Like any landscape, variety is the key.

The transition zone between spawning areas and deep water is where the fish need the most protection. This is where they will spend a year or two, growing into an adult predator or forage fish. If the fish can't hide, they will be eaten before growing big enough to reproduce, or at least big enough for a good meal for another fish. Give those young fish a chance to grow and learn how to survive by seeking refuge in this underwater Bunker.

bunker habitat by Fishiding.com

Standing 36" tall and opening to 36" wide, individual u-shaped channels extend upwards until reaching a narrow cut, leaving strips of vinyl material moving like fine branches. When three are installed in a group, they cover an area 6'x6'x3' with limbs touching. Bursts of fine strands soar outwards, creating basement level cover off the lake floor. This cover has been combined with a taller, half filled base which has been extended to create a hollow cavern amongst the mass of limbs and rising higher off the lake floor. The taller base ensures the fish will have this important dark object to protect them, even when soft bottom allows for settling when deployed or set in dry lakebed. 

Studies have shown that the dark base of all Fishiding habitats is an integral part of what fish prefer to choose from throughout the year. Like a hardwood stump, this base provides bedding fish protection from one side which is combined with limbs 6" to 12" off the bottom hanging out over them. This setting can be used for protection and hiding, or predation and ambush in wait.

Bunker transition habitat

Total weight of unit averages 10 pounds, with approx. 32 sq. ft. surface area per unit. Bends to shape in under one minute or toss in directly from box after removing twist ties on fine strands. Fine strands hang and sway in the current after removing twist-ties. Tops of channel limbs can then be bent to shape and placed in water.

Product Reviews

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  1. fish hold all day 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 6th Aug 2021

    my fish hold in this cover all day and don't move off it. I put in ten of them in one spot and it stays full of fish. Easy to catch them when they are always there. good stuff!

  2. Great for Fish 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 30th Jun 2021

    I have a 110 foot pier and I've purchased a few of these over the years. It's fun to walk out on the pier and see the fish. I always have boats around my pier with people fishing. I wish more people used these habitats. I take them out of the water every year.

  3. as real as it gets 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 13th Aug 2019

    nobody else has stuff like this that they prove fish use

  4. It looks real under water! 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 4th Apr 2018

    This habitat looks like real plants and brush in our lake. Its full of green fuzz, bugs and lots of the fish. All the fish seem to be around this

  5. best crib they got 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 11th Mar 2016

    these work good for all fish in my lake

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