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These newest large and robust, transition depth fish habitat barrels, offer the textures, density and coarse limbs for intermediate travel lines the fish need. Standing over six feet tall, these 4 individual 175 pound barrels, will stay upright and in place for generations. Like a solid row of Oaks, these strong and protective resting areas, provide food, cover and hunting as fish move freely through them. Barrel fish is what everyone seems to be talking about!

Poured into a reclaimed plastic barrel, the hundreds of wide and medium sized limbs, compliment the sizes of gaps and spaces needed for medium sized fish use. Similar to the BoardroomTM modular fish habitat mat, the interior is filled with wide panels of cover that stand vertical, casting ample shade forever over time. Encased by a multitude of magnum wide ShleafsTM, the stiff but flimsy PVC panels join together, creating the perfect recipe that has proven to create the most desired artificial fish habitat available today.


Barrelfish habitat
The 20" diameter reclaimed plastic base standing 8" tall, holds 125 pounds of cement, adhering the additional 50 pounds of reclaimed PVC pieces together like a root wad from an old oak. The included profiles of all reclaimed PVC materials, can be bent to create more detailed shapes, or left as they come, ready for the fish. Pinch the tops, bend some of the tips, but leave a few limbs standing tall to create that towering vertical height the fish need. The shorter 3 and 4 footers and some of the fives, are easy to bend out to fill the lower levels to fill as shown. The 2" wide predator guards at the bottom, rise once underwater and help create the basement effect shown to be important to protect all fish species.


Two incorporated cotton handles allow ease of carrying, sliding or rolling into boat, dock or dry lake bed.  Additional attachment points are easily added to barrel sides, giving you the ability to attach other items you wish to be anchored together and stay in one place.

Each Transition Timber fish barrel fish habitat structures and units, opens to over a 10 foot diameter fish crib tree, standing over six feet tall. These mid depth transition models can be mixed up with the taller and much more intricate eight foot models, in any quantities you'd like. Same price, same amount of surface area in each model. Two of each, one and three, you decide and we will send all four to your door, ready to install as fast as you can roll them off the boat! PVC fish structure designs is what we specialize in, give us a call or send us a note and we can help create fish attractors too.

Multiple arrangements can be created with any of our PVC habitat materials seen in other models. Prefer using our heavier Modular mats for ultra steep and abstract layout design? No problem, we can build these and any of our products specifically to fit your needs.

Contact us today to discuss customizing barrels to fit your needs regarding depth, species, water type/current/clarity and there's no extra cost.

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Mid Depth Big Barrel Fish Habitat Tree Four Pack

Reclaimed PVC Fish Habitat Structures

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