• Extra wide and extra thick pvc limbs for habitat.
  • Loose pvc limbs with over 9 square feet of surface area per pound.
  • Loose pvc limbs for habitat creating over an acre of surface area.

Over an acre of PVC habitat


Product Description

For the first time ever, an acre of habitat can be created for only pennies per square foot  with infinite variety. Well over 45,000 square feet of clean surface area, creates shade, density and protection for the fish, while the pieces sway with the current and waves. 500 pounds of brand new PVC limbs ready to get wet and hide the smallest,as well as the largest of fish.

Creating over nine square feet of surface area per pound, the creation of massive flats of cover is finally achievable for the interested group of volunteers and fisheries managers alike who are looking to save money and enhance their fishery. Mix the cement and start sticking the pieces in at random angles and directions until set. bend them around or leave them to sway in all directions, the fish will find spots to hide.

Flat, textured PVC has zero holes, slots or snags to get hung in. Perfect for depths ranging from 4' up to 8', protecting tens of thousands of fry and forage that the big predator fish need to survive. Perfect for groups with lots of help, these pieces are simple to install by all ages.

acre-of fishiding habitat

Thousands of individual pieces of brand new,  100% PVC, come ready to be stuck into wet cement by your ready and able group of volunteers. Bend to any shape or leave flat, mix things up with this massive array of habitat limbs.

With pieces ranging from 32"-36" and 2"-5" wide are hand cut randomly, with no two pieces the same for unmatched variety, shade and textures. These pieces are about two credit cards thick,(.040) and bend to any shape when pinched with your fingers. This is the same material we use in many of our finished habitat models like the fortress, Palace and HighRise models. More details here:

Contains over 45,000 sq. ft. of PVC limbs.

Also included are massive amounts of even taller and thicker limbs that measure a full .060 thick and stand 48" tall. These pieces range from about 3" wide all the way up to 8" wide and also stand up themselves underwater like the shorter pieces. The inherent memory installed into the PVC keeps them moving and swaying with waves and current. This heavier material boasts an additional 6 square feet per pound and casts shadows and crevices galore.

This huge pallet of pieces will keep any group of volunteers busy for days, installing into wet cement with our patented process. Buckets, containers, blocks or bank poured directly onto the dry lake floor, this pile of pvc will shade a full acre of cover for the fish.

group-acre-of-habitat by fishiding.com

This magnum project pallet of habitat will insure generations of fisherman and fish have the needed cover to hide and prosper within.

Hand cut into infinite shapes and sizes, these new pvc limbs will rise and fall by themselves underwater with the inherent memory that this material displays. With zero cuts, holes or snags of any kind, this material is absolutely snag proof for these important mid and transition depths.

Once set into cement, they cannot come out and are stuck for good into the cement base which holds them all firmly on the lake floor. Mix up the pieces with other materials to create infinite textures and hiding spots both for the predators and the prey. add pipes, sticks, limbs and more into the cement and keep the fish happy and safe to grow bigger than ever.

See how groups like the Vilbig bass club are using these limbs to enhance and protect their fish by working with dedicated volunteer help, saving huge money and getting the satisfaction of knowing that their fish are safe and secure.


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