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Number one fish attractor buoy on the market for over fifteen years and counting! The SmallSpot fish attractor buoy and fish marker excels in keeping you and the fish on the spot! After the fish habitat drops and the bubbles disappear, the spots rise directly aboce the fish crib, keeping you on the spot!

Correct fish structure placement is crucial to maximize the benefits to both the fish and fisherman. This full six pack of Small spot fish habitat markers, will help your fish structure project succeed with perfect placement under water, on the water!
Whether you have a pond or lake, a natural fish habitat or an artificial fish and plastic fish habitat can work wonders as fish attractors and fish aggregating devices (FADS). Fish cribs of various sizes and types, including those installed with the smallspot fish habitat buoy positioning system, can cater to the diverse needs of different fish species. By providing underwater artificial habitat that includes adequate depth, cover, and food sources, these fish crib structures serve as an excellent way to attract fish, create escape routes from predators, and work great in enhancing fish populations with needed fish attracting devices. or FADS.


Clip the re-useable spot onto any piece or limb near the top of the habitat and toss in all into the lake. The spot un-winds as the fish habitat unit drops, leaving a spot on mark where it sits on the lake floor. After your DIY fish habitat structures  are installed and you can see the design, take a picture of your layout and pull the clips free from the artificial fish habitat to re-use. Your secret design that will hold fish on the SPOT!


Create the shape of cover you intend with "Spot On" accuracy. The Smallspots measure 3.5" long and 1.5" in diameter, with over 30 feet of line and a sturdy spring clip attached. Design and install your next fish structure project with confidence. Works on all types of fish habitat products that sink. Ballast weight system ensures a truly vertical "spot". 


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Smallspot fish structure spots

Fish Habitat Marking Buoys

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