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The HighRise 9/0 with VerticalUpRiseTM* is the original and initial goal of the HighRise series of habitat.

Enhance your freshwater fishery with the Nine-Foot Fish Tree, the ultimate fish attractor designed to create the ideal habitat that fish need to thrive.This innovative artificial fish tree provides ample shelter and hiding spots for fish of all types and sizes, helping you create a thriving aquatic ecosystem. Whether you're a fishing enthusiast or a pond/lake owner looking to enhance fish populations, this is the perfect addition to create an underwater haven for fish in your aquatic paradise.

We needed to get our PVC limbs up even higher than our 60" keeper model for the deeper water and steep break lines. It's super important to cover the vertical element, fully covering the entire water column. We achieved this with a simple to install large and tall, two piece artificial fish habitat unit.

Balancing approx 100  square feet of surface area in each unit and made up of hundreds of flexible PVC vinyl limbs, these two piece units cannot fall over because of the Vertical UpRiseTM* built right into the trunk. Steep slopes, not a problem with the perfect balance of PVC, buoyancy and base weight. Total unit with both sections weighs about 30 pounds. Artificial fish trees for tall fish structure, providing artificial pond structure and artificial fish cover for angler fish habitat attractors. Now with even more libs, textures and pieces than the original. New pictures coming soon!


What this means for the fish and the fisherman is a tall fish habitat unit shaped much like a tree, with food hanging low and high, standing vertical, indefinitely. The tree continues to improve with age, growing more life while producing even more this case, fish!

Each unit comes in a black PVC base standing over 56"" tall with a 52" top section. Both sections are bent to shape by hand and the top section gets attached to the bottom by screwing the PVC fittings together by hand, nothing else is needed.



Total square footage per unit averages over 100 square feet, 95" diameter, standing over 9' tall.

Install a line of habitat from shallow water out to these robust pillars of the secondary break line for optimum performance in key areas. Suggested for water 10 feet and over.

Colors will vary 

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Nine foot fish tree

Reclaimed PVC Fish Habitat Structures

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