• Fishiding Cradle under water for a few months holding fry.
  • Cradle habitat starting off the shallows in this Private lake.
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  • The Cradle for  tiny fish protection.
  • Cradle shallow fish habitat
  • Fine, dense shallow fish habita by Fishiding.com

Cradle artificial shallow fry habitat-2-pack


Product Description


This pair of dense habitat units consist of hundreds of fine fingers to protect the baby fry and larvae, growing the food that they need to grow and survive..

Recommended for depths of only 1-4 feet, groups of this compact and protective fish habitat, start the food chain for you and your fish. In order to grow big predator fish, you need to grow the food in the form of baitfish first and protect your young fry.  Each Cradle habitat unit weighs approx. 10 pounds and has over 30 sq. ft of combined surface area.


This product specifically caters to the tiny bugs and forage fish, with comparable densities only found in natural aquatic plants, deadfalls and boulder/rock.


To create a balanced ecosystem, the forage must be self sustaining and be able to hide and grow to the preferred size for you predator fish. This ever lasting reclaimed material will last generations and harbor fishes all year around, even after aquatic plants die off.


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  1. My fish are happy 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 27th Jan 2016

    We put two of these in our Koi pond and they couldn't be happier! They stay around them almost all the time, eating the fuzz and hiding in the shade around the base.

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