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Finally, a permanent solution to the time consuming art of installing stake beds for crappie, bass and panfish. Vertically displayed fish cribs, resemble cattails and standing timber that allow fish to navigate through the maze of standing cover. If you have a dry lakebed, new lake or pond or low water, we also sell just the stakes. These heavy duty PVC stakes can be driven directly into the sediment, standing and flexing underwater for decades. See the DIY package here, or call/email for any custom needs.

These PVC stake beds, sometimes called a fish bed, fishing crib  or crappie stake beds, each provide dozens of rigid and flexible plastic stakes, all held together with cement in an eight inch diameter weighted base. The UpRise feature makes sure that the Crappie structure can't fall over.

Three complete units create a cluster of vertical fish cover, you can't get hung up in.

Incorporated lift keeps these habitat units standing up even when dropped on steep slopes and fished laterally from shore or boat.

Limbs ranging from 18"-55" tall and from 1.5"-over 3" wide, they stand vertical with UpRiseTM.

The reclaimed PVC ultra flexible limbs, extend from the base on abstract angles. exposing the roughened surfaces to gather maximum sunlight. This safe haven for fish allows your lures to slide right off as you pass through the feeding zone..

Each Stakeout unit can be tossed in your favorite lake or pond right out of the box to create PVC crappie structure. They look like crappie fish trees underwater holding slabs, true crappie structure that works well for the fish. Put some near Crappie beds to help create more Crappie structure. These Crappie stake beds made of PVC fish structure make the best fishing crib you can hope for. Homemade fish structure and fish habitat can also be bent at random angles. Our Stakeout fishing stake beds can be ordered without UpRiseTM, for planting on dry lake bed. Vertical cover is a must to mix in to your fish habitat design to make Crappie beds, cribs fish and Crappie beds PVC that work.

 Experiment with different layouts and shapes to "stakeout" your own secret fishing spot. Install Crappie habitat in your own private pond or secret fishing spot.

Each stakeout unit weighs Twelve pounds and holds the most fish when placed in large clusters. We also make crappie beds for sale in larger and heavier modular fish habitat mats. 

The larger the group of fish holding habitat, the larger the number of fish that will utilize the lifelike movement of these supple fish bed stakes. Crappie structure for sale complete, in large mats, fish habitat barrels or even our own DIY loose pieces, we have your fishes needs covered!

Each unit averages 35 sq. feet of surface area and weighs about 12 pounds.

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The Stakeout Crappie Stake bed three pack

Reclaimed PVC Fish Habitat Structures

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