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Fish Hideouts For Fishing Structure

Fish Hideouts For Fishing Structure

Posted by David Ewald on 12th Feb 2024

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When we talk about PVC structures for adding habitat, Fish Hideouts stack high on the list. These types of fish habitat structures can often not only help you catch fish, but grow more fish to for your lake or pond. Artificial fish habitat, fishing structure or fish beds, whatever you want to call them, the fish can use all we can install. The secret is out and PVC plastic structures have been accepted and approved by most all agencies and fish managers. For well over 15 years,  Fishiding habitat has been making fish habitat structures that are designed to protect fish. Because these Fish Hideouts  give fish a home to be safe and stress free, they grow bigger and faster, produce more fry and survive to adulthood. This has been proven with fisheries science.

What makes a good fish hideout? Think back when you were  kid, playing hide and seek. You didn't try to hide behind a tiny stick or single bush did you? No way, you wanted a spot you were completely hidden from view, barely being able to see on coming traffic. Fish need habitat that conceals their position, if they are to survive to adulthood. Density of  PVC habitat as well as good natural habitat, is key to protecting fish and also growing and holding food for them. Zooplankton, Periphyton and good old bugs, feed the fry until they are large enough to eat other fish, crawfish and larger meals. Protective fish beds can be observed in these locations, adding comfort and variety for the spawn.

PVC structure designs can vary a great deal. Honeyhole, Safehaven, Trophytree, Rootwad or Fish Trees can attract some fish looking to rest, but they are considered fish attractors. We have been called Ugly Tree Habitat, but the fish are not looking for cleanliness, food grade or stamped out fish habitat structures or fish attractors. As stated before, fish would shop for function first, fashion last. Fish cribs can also be considered fish hideouts, due to their similar design and function. Fishing cribs can be quite productive and fun to make and fish.

Fish hideouts should be installed in various depths and densities of cover Fishiding Habitat offers many different types of fish hideouts. Some that can be opened and tossed right into the pond, or DIY PVC habitat materials to make your own fish habitat. Fishing structure that can give a fish hideout is most important to your ponds ecosystem. Fish beds are used only in the spring for bass, more times per year for pan fish, brim, crappie and other fish types.

Although transition habitat is not as much about fish hiding as it is traveling, it is needed to move fish safely from  shallow water habitat to deep water structure and back again to their fish hideouts. More open then shallow water habitat, these type of transition fish habitat structures offer some food, cover and resting areas between their fish beds and deep water foraging areas. PVC fish structures have been well studied for safety and durability. PVC structure designs can be very helpful and found useful in fish production. DIY fish structure and artificial fish habitat materials can save you money and allow you to create your own customized fish hides, fish hideouts and fish cover.



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