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  • Upward view into the 12' HighRise habitat with Vertical UpRiseTM.
  • Fishiding habitat 12' tall unit with Vertical UpRiseTM.
  • 12/0 Right after sinking into place.
  • 12' High Rise habitat opened to view the 225 squre feet of surface area and Vertical UpriseTM.
  • 12' HighRise habitat un-opened ready to crew together and bend to shape by hand.
  • Highrise top and three pucks.
  • Bending puck open by hand.
  • Bend limbs open and insert puck until it snaps tight in place.
  • Insert upper puck(s) and screw top on trunk by hand.
  • Top fastens to trunk by twisting plastic fittings together by hand.
  • Finished units ready for final bending and installation.
  • Base ready to accept top.

HighRise 12/0 artificial fish habitat with Vertical UpRiseTM*


Product Description

Once the HighRise Habitat with Vertical UpRiseTM* was developed and incorporated into our reclaimed PVC habitat materials, there was no stopping on how high we could go with mass amounts of coverage and surface area. Standing tall in the water column, this giant of a fish structure will hold schools of fish of all sizes, averaging approx. 140 square feet of limbs, trunks and bait fish pucks.

12-unopened.HighRise Habitat with Vertical UpRiseTM

Three main sections make up the 12/0 HighRise, along with two bait fish pucks bursting with fine, flexible and dense protection. The base, which stands 60" tall, unfolds to over 9'-6" diameter. Next the 30" long mid section, has another puck opening and more surface area. The 5 foot tall top attaches to that, creating a conical skyscraper of "living" habitat.


As always, the textured vinyl material grows life fast. The ability to move with the current created by wind, waves etc., allow this new dimension of deep and steep artificial habitat to flex like a tree in the wind. Impossible to fall over standing tall in the water no matter what slope or material composition they come to rest upon.

Each 12/0 HighRise Habitat with Vertical UpRiseTM* weighs about 45 pounds and ready to install. Because of the sheer size of this habitat tower, we recommend pre-bending on shore. Bend all the sections to shape and hold back up with a string. Throw them in the boat and pull the string upon arrival at your designated spot. They vinyl limbs will spring back to the shape you bent them to on shore. Pop in the pucks here or ahead of time, twist the three sections together and push overboard. The upper sections are light-weight and easy to hold up and twist together, anyone can install these magnum towering trees!

12-0-HighRise Habitat

 Recommended for installation in depths over 15 feet.

It is important to note that if your water level ever drops below the top four or five feet of any HighRise Habitat with Vertical UpRiseTM there is no need to worry. If placed on a slope, the unit will lay down in the water as it drops, only to rise again when the water comes back up. A true laydown that will "re-grow" itself when waters rise again. Perfect for reservoirs and floating boat houses that fluctuate water levels often. Weighs approx.45 pounds with Free shipping

Product Reviews

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  1. Super awesome stuff! 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 18th Aug 2021

    These tall habitats work just as listed. Full of fish and stand tall all year. We got three and they always have some fish inside and out.

  2. this habitat rocks 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 29th Mar 2018

    Our lake house dock drops into very deep water right at the end. The steep slope made it hard to keep pallets and christmas tress from sliding down. This HighRise stuff stays standing straight up right where we dropped it and is full of fish. Well done fishiding!

  3. Fish swarm around this like standing timber 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 13th Jan 2016

    Very happy with the unit. Easy to put in and fish all over it right away. Good stuff here!

45.00 LBS
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