New habitat reaches higher, standing taller than ever thought possible with Vertical UpRiseTM

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The much needed ability to reach higher in the water column with artificial fish habitat has been un-locked with the new HighRise Habitat with Vertical UpRiseTM from This balancing act between weight, height, leverage and size has finally become a reality in these new magnum tall habitat units.

Biologists and pond owners are learning the best management practices to replace and improve lost fish habitat. Not only is the sheer size and number of units needed in a waterbody to be considered, but what products are availble to best serve those specific site requirements and costs.


Products that are long lasting, provide ample shade with countless nooks, cracks and crevices, are key to providing cover for starting the food chain. Models with variation in height, width and rigidity of limbs are just a few of the specifics fisheries professionals are after. Shade, a deep water basement along with height, allow fish to utilize the entire water column as they hunt, hide and feed.

The new HighRise Habitat with Vertical UpRiseTM offers fisherman, pond and lake owners and fisheries professionals a new, taller and larger array of artificial habitat tools to improve habitat and fishing in their local waters.

The Vertical Dimension

"Height is infinitely more important than length. The higher the walls of the crib extend from the bottom, the more attractive the crib will prove to fish. You want a piece of genuine structure, not something that is just an inconspicuous component of the floor of the lake. In fact, cribs should measure no less than four feet high. Fish want something well above the lake floor, and they like to choose the depth they want to hold while remaining close to the structure."   Eric Engbretson,underwater photographer "Why fish cribs work and why they fail" "The key element in one word is complexity."


"Long branches should extend from the crib on all sides and through all the slats. If possible, include some long branches stuck into the top of the crib to give it some extra dimension. The idea is to create as thick and complex a jungle as possible. The final result will resemble a thick mass of long branches extending from the dense pack inside the crib. The branches should reach from every depth of the crib in every direction and at every possible angle. If your finished crib looks even vaguely tidy, it needs more work." E.E.

Until now, it has been utterly impossible to place and KEEP artificial or natural habitat on steep slopes and breaklines, which can be key spots for fish to utilize. Gravity, waves and wind make top heavy objects simply fall over or slide down, offering far less cover for the fish.The built in Vertical UpRiseTM of these new tall as life models, allow them to stand up high and completely vertical in the water column, irregardless of bottom slope, current, wave action or bottom material makeup.


The mixture of fine and coarse materials, provide security and food for all sizes of fish and aquatic life. Even as the habitat begins to quickly grow periphyton, algae and added weight, these units will stand tall through it all with the built in buoyancy of the Vertical UpRiseTM.

All four models come ready to install with no tools or other needed supplies. With the incorporated twist together design, simply unfold each section and thread the large, easy to handle sections and toss in the lake. The three larger models all come with 25 square foot Baitfish pucks that snap into the one, two or three designated openings. These pucks create bursts of fine, dense cover along the snag free trunk.


Ranging in size from 8'-0" tall with over 110 square feet of surface area, up to 14'-6" and 255 square feet of food growing, shade producing cover. With the large size of some units, pre-bending on shore and holding the limbs up with a string, makes installation from a smaller boat easier. Simply remove the string when ready to install and the limbs bounce back to the pre-bent shape you created. Screw together the one or two upper sections and drop in deep water.

Fishiding's commitment to help the environment, doesn't stop with simply keeping a great deal of pvc from ending up in landfills. In 2013, 112 tons of vinyl siding was reclaimed into artificial fish habitat, keeping it from being buried in a hole somewhere in Illinois or Wisconsin. Carbon neutral shipping via UPS, recycled newspaper for packing, low/no energy use and 94% completely recycled or re-purposed materials to give back to the fish and the environment.

Patents have been issued and production has begun on this new generation of artificial habitat that is reaching to new heights in fishery and habitat management. Groups of these HighRise Habitat units with Vertical UpRiseTM, will create a forest of protection and habitat for every fish species. Pre-order your HighRise Habitat today, as the first of hundreds of new models are setting up to dry, getting ready to plunge into the deep and steep water domain they will flourish within.

All Fishiding Habitat products are produced with pride near northern Illinois. Local material suppliers, labor and staff, all work together to produce the only American hand made, artificial fish habitat product line in the world. Help the land, water and fish, while keeping jobs and business here in the U.S.A. Buy American Strong.